Party contribution to the L&V Board of Written Advice on Animals on April 7

April 1, 2022

SO L&V Board Entries April 7

agricultural toxins

Members of the Party for Animals faction are concerned with implementing and implementing the farm-to-board strategy. This strategy was introduced nearly two years ago[1]This was supposed to have led to the first concrete proposal for a new regulation on March 23, 2022. The ‘Regulation on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products’ would likely cement a 50% target for pesticide use from the farm to the Board area. strategy.[2]However, under great pressure from lobbyists, the introduction of this regulation was delayed for at least six months. These members note that the agricultural industry is using the war in Ukraine to press hard against making European food production more sustainable.[3]

Members of the Party for the Animals faction expect the minister to regret the delay, as the minister clearly indicated on the Op1 television program that efforts should be intensified to make farming more sustainable.[4]The minister emphasized the importance of sustainability in the detailed agenda of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on April 7.[5]These members share this vision and appreciate the position of the Minister.

At the same time, these members note a contradiction here. It appears from the documents presented that the Netherlands has argued before against The new regulations are more stringent on agricultural toxins in the new regulation.[6]According to the department, current pesticide guidance from 2009 “provides adequate guidance for the sustainable use of pesticides.” This is largely in line with the arguments the chemical industry uses to take the new regulation off the table or water it down.[7]Can the minister confirm that the Netherlands has argued with the European Commission against stricter rules regarding the use of agricultural toxins, and if so, explain why? Why did the minister not share this position with the House of Representatives? Can the Minister provide comments on specific points of the new regulation, which appears to have been sent as an attachment to the email that was sent to us?[8]Share it with the room?

Can the minister decide when the European Commission will present the new regulation? Members of the Party for Animals faction called on the minister to stop taking over the lobby of agricultural poison producers and urged the European Commission to take a proactive approach to implementing the Regulation on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products and the Farm Strategy to the Council. This is really the only way to intensify the sustainability of agriculture. Can the minister promise that?

European support package for agriculture

The European Commission has announced a special pork storage scheme. Pig farmers’ earnings have been low for a long time, in part because there has been so much pork on the market for so long. Party Animals has always been highly critical of stocking arrangements. In this way, overproduction is maintained artificially and at the expense of the taxpayer. Does the minister agree that storage arrangements cannot be discussed as long as vigorous efforts are not made to limit production at the same time? Does the minister raise this in the council?

In addition to the stockpiling scheme, a support package for the agricultural sector of 500 million euros has been announced. Party for Animals group members would like to hear from the minister what space member states have to determine for themselves how budgets are used. For what purposes and for what sectors does the Minister intend to use the budgets? Will the minister focus, for example, on accelerating the sustainability of agriculture, absorbing increases in consumer prices, or subsidizing livestock farming?

Bird flu

The bird flu virus is still circulating in Europe and, according to Marion Copmans, it remains a constant pandemic threat in our backyard.[9]

He wrote that the Minister would like to have a strategic and constructive discussion on the prevention and control of avian influenza. Will the Minister also discuss in this discussion the dangers of high poultry density, as described by the Beekdam Commission? If not, then why?

European support for the promotion of meat and dairy

The minister spoke out actively in Europe against subsidies for meat advertisements, after approving the proposal of the Animal Party, the members read in the report of the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries on February 21.[10]†[11] thank you for that. but to no avail. Recently, the European Commission again allocated 54 million euros for the promotion of meat and dairy products.[12]Does the minister share the view that allocating tens of millions of euros to stimulate pork consumption, for example, when people start eating less meat, threatens to put goals in areas such as climate and health out of reach? Does the minister agree that as long as these subsidies are provided, measures must be strengthened to counteract the harmful effects of these campaigns? What options does the Minister see to prevent this promotion from targeting the Dutch market and increasing Dutch meat consumption? Is the minister ready to include this in the development of the national protein strategy?

Carbon Cycles, Carbon Agriculture and LULUCF (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry)

Party for Animals group members support the vital importance of preserving forests for climate and biodiversity. Members read that carbon farming will be used to store carbon in forests and that a key component of this policy is combating deforestation. What measures are being taken to combat deforestation and how does combating deforestation relate to the current cutting policy and policy on woody biomass?

What is the Netherlands’ commitment to trade-off between the climatic impacts of using (woody) crops (biological raw materials) for carbon sequestration in land use and the high-value use of bio-raw materials to replace fossil raw materials? What is meant by the high-quality use of vital raw materials? What are the (woody) crops (vital nutrients) for carbon sequestration in land use and what activities are within the scope of their use?

Finally, members of the Party for Animals group noted that the IPCC[13] Reports indicate poor forms of climate adaptation, the so-called maladaptation† These weak modifications could increase greenhouse gas emissions and make the system more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The use of bioenergy or the planting of non-native trees on natural non-forested land, among others, is seen as poor adaptation to the climate. How do we prevent bad climate adaptations from being applied in carbon farming or LULUCF? How are these apps identified and analyzed to block the app? In 2020, the emission of vital raw materials was at least 19 megatonnes of carbon dioxide according to the Netherlands statistics. The Party for the Animals sees planting trees that sequester carbon and then burn it as a poor form of climate adaptation. Does the minister share this vision?


Members of the Animals Group party noted the European aid earmarked for fisheries due to the rise in fossil fuel prices as a result of the war in Ukraine. Can the Minister explain how much support has been or has already been given to the fisheries sector? How does the Minister view subsidizing or offsetting fossil fuel consumption in light of the need and ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990? How do possible temporary compensation plans relate to sustainability plans? Does the minister agree that maintaining the current fossil fuel system will delay the achievement of climate ambitions? Does the Minister agree that it is best to consider mass purchase schemes for fishing? If not, then why?

Members of the Party for the Animals faction learned that seven naturalist organisations, including ClientEarth and Oceana, had sent a letter to the European Commission on March 31. In this letter, the organizations request the Commission to conduct an administrative investigation into the fishing data and associated fraud in the Netherlands. The organizations point out that in the absence of a reliable catch logging system with effective controls, fraud, including illegal fishing, is inevitable. This undermines fish populations. What is the minister’s response to the letter? Does the minister share the interests of the organizations? If not, then why? Is it true that landing acknowledgments and sales memos are completed based on unverified estimates? If not, what does that show? What indicates that the hunting registration system is correct? Is the minister willing to shed light on the situation through an administrative investigation and to determine the actual catch? If not, then why?

drought in europe

Members of the Party for the Animals faction ask the minister if he has read the most disturbing IPCC report. This shows how dangerous and worrying climate change is for people, due, among other things, to increased heat waves, fires, droughts and floods. The report notes that southern Europe, in particular, will have to deal with drought and reduced availability of fresh water. So Spain and Portugal are really concerned about the drought in their respective regions. These concerns should also affect the Netherlands. Last February, Andalusia passed a law legalizing illegal wells from fruit growers around the Doñana Natural and World Heritage Site. This is bad news for black-tailed fans, who stop there. Does the Minister share this vision and is the Minister also prepared to protect the Black-tailed Godwits on their way to and from Holland? To deal with the effects of the drought, Spain can seek support from the Solidarity Fund[14]for natural disasters. Is the minister ready to ask the Spanish minister to reverse the decision and request the support of the Solidarity Fund?

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