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Rainy weather, snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures – or cold – are often not pleasant for horse lovers. You can even ride less (intensively) with your horse during this period. Some riders may not feel like riding at all and take a winter break. Bit gives you eight tips on what you can do with your horse in addition to riding.

to walk

Can’t drive because your trunk is frozen or too wet after a lot of rain? Then go for a nice walk with your horse. This keeps him in good shape and so do you. You can do obedience exercises along the way or let your horse graze. Maybe you live near the woods, then you can get some fresh air there. It’s also a good exercise if your horse still finds it intimidating to go out for a ride.


Instead of driving, you can also do a twenty-minute ringing session. This way your horse can extend its legs and keep fit. Also highly recommended if time is short or if you just want to get back inside quickly to warm up. You can train the muscles on both sides equally and your horse may find it easier to loosen his back when he is not carrying any weight. It also gives you a good chance to watch your horse walk. Lungs are intense training and they are definitely not boring.

digging works

A good alternative to dashing and riding is doing ground work. Your horse is still busy and on the move. It also ensures better communication and greater trust in your relationship. You can think of all kinds of things you can do with your horse while you have two feet on the ground. Think exercises by hand, games, and other actions. You maintain your horse’s condition and can practice everything you do under the saddle, such as straightening and changing cadence. Or try horse agility or freedom taming and have fun with your horse. It doesn’t always have to be serious.

to polish

Maybe your horse is wearing a blanket, maybe not. In the fall, your horse can still often get dirty due to wet weather. Give your horse a gentle brushing, this can be done both indoors and outdoors. You can immediately check if the horse has wounds or other skin problems. In addition, you stimulate blood circulation in the skin, which is a kind of small massage for your four-legged friend.


We prefer to cuddle our horses all day long. What could be better than cuddling in the winter? The horse has a fluffy coat that is soft and warm when it is not shaved. A beautiful, intimate and calm moment with your horse to strengthen your bond. Scratch the pony or horse in its preferred spot. In addition, it is also a good idea to immediately warm your hands under the mane or blanket if your fingers are cold.


In the winter, your horse may suffer more from muscle stiffness, stability of the legs, or blockage. In addition to adequate exercise, a massage can help your horse maintain muscle flexibility and looseness. It also helps your horse to remove waste better and can relax for a while.


Your horse’s muscles are often stiffer in the winter and movement is important for good blood circulation. So, try doing some stretching exercises with your horse to get flexible muscles. Your horse also becomes familiar with its body. And while you’re at it, you could also probably do some yoga on your own to make your muscles flexible.


Plan a winter vacation for you and your horse. A short vacation can be very good for both of you. Your horse was able to refuel mentally and physically and you had time for other things. You can both enjoy horse riding (extra) after the holidays. Your horse can go about his business in the meadow enjoying his peace and you may finally be able to enjoy a nice long idle. Or finally read horse books or watch movies. Another tip is to work on your mental or physical development during the horse vacation. This immediately benefits your riding and horse.

Or just drive

Are you one of those tough guys who love to go for a walk in the cold? Keep doing good. Riding in the outdoors in the woods or training in the outdoor yard, all this is still possible if he is responsible. Do you have a good bottom in the outdoor yard but no lighting? Use a construction lamp or hang some Christmas lights around the edge of the bread. Do you have the luxury of a closed circuit? You are in the right place this fall and winter. And before you know it, the cold period will be over, although of course it can’t come soon enough for some.

Source: Bitmagazine.nl

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