Smulders Silver in World Cup Final, Fox win with Chaplin

Martin Fox with “Chaplin”. Photo: FEI / Richard Juilliart

A big “surprise” I just jumped to the World Cup final in Leipzig. Martin Fox and the amazing stallion Chaplin (authored by Verdi) devoured obstacles in the final round. Harry Smulders saw the World Cup pass by collapsing with Monaco (by Cassini II) in the last group. Favorites McLain Ward and Contagious (by Contagio) hit two rays, dropping them to seventh. When the clouds faded, Fox turned out to be the World Cup winner, Smulders was the second and last year’s surprise, Jens Fredrickson, took the bronze with Marcan Cosmopolite (by Kaleido I).

Happy Champion Fox then: “That second round was amazing, what a fighter this horse is. I didn’t hit the plank very well, but he saved me.” Fox Lakhlin entered the World Cup Finals this week and it paid off: “Yes, this week’s plan worked very well. The foul did a good job on Friday, Chaplin won on Thursday and it was crystal clear today. I am very happy and have to give a big thank you to my team!” “

Smolders: Not quite ours

Already on Friday, Smolders said: “I’m in great shape and I hope the dime falls in the right direction on Sunday. With a horse like Monaco I can go for it. But to win we’ll need a great day.” Immediately after that, the knight was a little disappointed. “That bar was a bit unlucky. I might have had a little negative distance in this group, but we touched the bar very lightly. This is Monaco’s first championship and it didn’t quite live up to our desire. But Martin was driving a great car today too. Chaplin is a real fighter. And position The second one is great too.” By the time the awards were handed out, the Dutchman could smile again. It’s Smulders’ second silver in the World Cup Final, and he did so already in 2016, then with Emerald.

Smolders come along in the first round

After the first two parts of the final, Mc Lain Ward and Contagious (by Contagio) had a beam in their hands at the start of Sunday. The American started the first round on Sunday without errors, followed by Harry Smulders in 4 errors with Monaco (by Cassini second). Smolders picked up a bar in the group on day one and was ninth in the first average rating. In the second final round on Friday, the Dutchman finished fourth and moved up the intermediate standings. Only Ward, who won the second round, was still above Smulders. Monaco did what it should have done in the first round on Sunday. The 13-year-old Holsteiner was off the woodwork all around, except for the indent of the last group. Fortunately, the bar stayed low and Smulders reserved his four penalty points. However, McLain Ward had a big red bull on the crossbar at Hitch 5 after failing to get out all the way. That was the case for the American, who is working on the 19th World Cup Final. But the four penalty points meant that Ward and Smulders started the second round with a draw.

Fox, Charles and Fredrickson in pursuit

Right behind that, Swiss Martin Fuchs with KWPN stallion Chaplin (by Verdi) and Britain’s Harry Charles with Romeo 88 (by Contact van de Hevenk) also remained in their scores as of Friday. Chaplin walked across the path like fury and attacked obstacles. Fox rode with The Sinner on Friday and the fifteen-year-old still seems to have energy. Swede Jens Fredrickson and his crazy Marcan Cosmopolitan jump (by Kaleido I) were just a bar away. One extra penalty spot was the youngest player in the World Cup Final, Jack Whitaker with Equine America Valmy de la Lande (by Mylord Carthago), who was hugely disappointed with his time error in the first round, which went beautifully and clearly.

second round

In the second round of the final, the return of the twenty best combinations was allowed. Of these, about ten participated in the final victory. It turns out that time in the second round was one of the savvy judges. Several fixtures incurred time errors in the first half. Also, not all of the packages stayed in place for long. The triple jump was particularly difficult. The horses came in five hops to leap forward and the combination ended with a huge bull. But the steep, submerged jump and the undulating white plank obstacle did not always stay in place. The art was mainly to make as few meters as possible, cut all the swings sharply and also to stay in rhythm.

Will Whitaker and Charles approach

David Weil won the first round of Sunday’s final and was also clear in the second round in super fast time with C Vier (by Cardento). The group provided a written example of how to pass the course. Their end result was the 10 penalty points incurred by the German in the early days of this tournament. It turned out that it did well for sixth place in the final standings. Twenty-year-old Jack Whitaker also rode amazingly in the final round with his quick reaction to the gray horse America Valmy de la Land (by Milord Carthage). All the twists and turns were out of the book, and the Briton finished the race with nine shootouts and an excellent fifth place in the final standings. For Harry Charles, this was also the first World Cup final. Romeo 88 (via Contact van de Heevenk) did not hit a triple indent, dropping from 5-9 penalty points. This means fourth place in the final standings.

The massive Fredrickson

Jens Fredricson is no longer “Peder’s brother”. After last season he was already well on the map and today the Swede climbed to the podium in his first World Cup final in nine years. Fredrickson was very pleased with his third place. All credit goes to his highly practical horse Marcan Cosmopolite, who once again made a huge impression and is once again visible today. In the first round it was really pretty, but in the second the two took every risk, which went well in the tough triple fork.

Ward loses

Fuchs and Chaplin already in the first round showed themselves to be fire eaters, but in the second round there was again tremendous passion and great technique for Verdi’s son. Fox had to make a small correction in the triple jump, but it went well. With five points in total, the Swiss team finished net-zero and took the bronze medal.

Then we had to wait for what Harry Smulders and Maclean Ward were going to do. Focused as usual, Smulders entered the ring. Monaco was also in. In the utmost concentration, the duo went through the first part, but in the last part the group jump took off with the hind legs. This was a shame, Smulders was so close. Disappointment ran out of his face as he walked out of the ring. For recent starters McLain Ward, grapes turned out to be more acidic. The American could not stand anything, the time penalty would mean a big jump with Fox. But it went wrong. First, the middle hurdle descended from the group and then the wavy slate descended as well. The tournament seems to have lasted too long for the infection. Ward eventually finished in seventh place.



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