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Children’s questionChildren look at the world in amazement. They are constantly asking questions that we adults no longer ask. But we may ask ourselves as well. In this series, experts answer children’s questions. Suze (7 years old) asks: “Why do we celebrate the holidays?”

At Easter, most children search for Easter eggs and families gather at a table filled with Easter treats. Suze has another tradition during Easter: every year she and her family go to Schiermonnikoog, where they paint, research, swear and eat eggs! But why do people actually celebrate?

relevant community

Walter Wiens is a professor at the University of Antwerp and has done research on people who celebrate. Wiens: There are groups of people everywhere. They form communities. No groups of people who do not organize parties and parties have been around since the existence of man. Parties keep people engaged in the community. You tighten relationships during the party; You sing, jump, dance and drink. It helps you get closer and really feel community. It makes you emotionally connected.”

According to Weyns, a party often has a reason, but the reason to celebrate it is much stronger. “You don’t celebrate the party alone. You do this with a group and with the party the group celebrates itself. Even on your birthday, it’s about the group and not you. Of course the members of the group will give you all the sweet things as a birthday girl and you will be yelled ‘Hurray’. But thanks to this Hurray, the group is actually screaming warm.”


During the party, the group celebrates itself.

Walter Wiens

Celebrate everywhere

“The party can take place anytime and anywhere, as long as the group agrees to it,” Wiens says. “Sometimes the parties are special to a place, like a party at a pilgrimage site or a party at a sports club. But the party can also be at a certain time because something is celebrated. Like Liberation Day, on May 5th. Or something is celebrated on a certain date. , such as the king’s birthday on April 27. You can have a holiday that only your family or group of friends celebrate or a festival that takes place only in your village, such as the Harvest Festival. But there are also festivals that are celebrated all over the country or all over the world. Think of Sinterclass and Easter. You can call all those parties holidays and anyone can start such a holiday.”

A kids party can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of organizing work from the parents. These tips from Ouders van Nu can help.


Many holidays are associated with a religion. For example, during Easter, it is celebrated that Jesus rose from the dead. But the true origin of Easter does not lie in Christianity, but can be found in the distant past. Easter is all about spring, where the egg is a symbol of new life. When you talk about the chicken or the egg, or in this case Jesus or the egg, it is clear that the egg came first. For a long time, it has been celebrated that animals are born and plants grow again. Christianity linked the story of Jesus with Easter because it is also about a new life. Also, Christmas did not initially exist to celebrate the birth of Jesus. On December 25, the Feast of the Sun God of the Roman Empire was celebrated. Christianity may have adopted this date because Christ was associated with the sun.”

According to Lewins, ceremonies are very important to religions in general. “Religions have a very close relationship to parties. There is no religion without celebration. The Catholic religion places special emphasis on communal celebrations, where people gather and celebrate at specific times. Religion tries to maintain ties through celebrations.”


My favorite holiday is my birthday!


movie party

Sue’s favorite holiday is her birthday. Suze: When it’s my birthday, I wake up in a house full of signs. My chair is also decorated with balloons. At my children’s party, the names of the children who come with balloons. Then we pop the balloons to see who can unlock the next gift. I think this is so much fun! If I could go on vacation of my own, it would be movie-watching vacation. Every Netherlands should watch movies. Any one, you can come up with it yourself! “

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