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During the days off, you as a parent tend to let the kids fall asleep after a little bit – one time only. It’s fun once in a while and they can sleep the next day. But could it harm their sleep rhythm? Introduced to baby sleep coach Elena de Groot.

“The first thing that comes to mind is, why not?” says baby sleep coach Iulina de Groot, owner of Finally Sleeping. The second: look at your child. You have children who can go to bed an hour or two later and have no problems the next day. There are children who cannot stand the extra incentives and it is impossible to sail with them the next day. By the way, it is also good to take into account the fact that children in the Netherlands go to bed much earlier than their peers in other countries. ”

In addition, your child’s natural sleep rhythm is crucial. If your child still wakes up once or twice a night, according to De Groot, it’s not ideal to make the night shorter. But if you usually sleep well, you can be more flexible with bedtime. “Although many parents hope in vain that they will sleep longer in the morning if the children go to bed later, in practice this is not the case. The biological clock is very strong, especially in summer when it is light early in the morning It ensures that your child is awake at the usual time.”

The correct bedtime varies from child to child. Therefore, finding the moment that suits your child can be very difficult. That’s why Ouders van Nu wrote this handy guide, which explains exactly how children’s bedtimes work and change.

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Is the sleep rhythm interrupted immediately after falling asleep after a night or two? The sleep coach says, “It also depends on your child, but in principle not. If your child goes to bed after three or four nights, or he hasn’t slept for an hour but after a few hours, you can notice that a little better. You can see that babies They haven’t had enough opportunity to deal with their day and their triggers. They usually do this while they’re asleep, but they can now express it in other ways during the day. They can then become more tired or irritable.”


Most importantly, kids know that late bedtimes are an exception

Olena de Groot

You can’t make up for sleep, says a sleep coach, but you can make up for it. “Especially by putting your kids to bed early the next night.” How do you make sure your child “only” sleeps early on the Monday after recess, before a new school day? “The most important thing is to make your children aware that during holidays there are exceptions and it is better that they go to bed later. After the holidays you will go back to the old rhythm. It is good to involve your child in this so that he is not clear and understands that it remains an exceptional situation. Discuss this with your child and make agreements about it. This way you prevent them from resisting on Monday night.”

According to De Groot, what you can do the most to “reset” your sleep rhythm is to go out with your kids. “On the evening morning when your child has to go to bed on time, in this case Easter, you can go out immediately in the morning. Provide enough daylight, because that literally turns on your child’s biological clock. If you also provide what Enough sunlight or daylight during the day, your baby will sleep easier, better, and faster that evening.”

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