Carlin de Boer: “Extraordinary, shortly after I debuted at the Grand Prix”

“I shouldn’t do this”

My first care horse was also a harness horse, Mironiem, one of Fabricius. That I was riding a Z2 with it at the time I thought it was okay. Years later I bought my three year old Zaffier, a Special D x Renovo. I rode a Grand Prix with her and this was also something I never thought I could reach this class as an amateur. Xavier has meant a lot to me across the board. After that, I hunted a young horse again, and with my great preference for belt horses, I ended up with my three-year-old Garuna, Jules when he called her in the stable. I bought it from a 2019 Harness Horse Breeder Antoon Epskamp. I still thought “I shouldn’t do this” because I was already looking for a dressage x saddle horse. Father is always mentioned in the starting list and I thought it would be unfavorable if there was a horse horse. However, I couldn’t resist and had no regrets at all,” says the rider, who rode two other horses on a heavy ride while riding the Xavier.

ups and downs

Karlin started with a five-year-old Chestnut four-legged white mare in the M1 class in a crossbow competition, after which they also competed with each other in the M2. “My idea was always, when I officially started, to make it higher, in a Z2 or something,” she says. “I picked up the drills very easily, and as a six-year-old he really showed his knack for heavy training while playing. It might sound crazy, but I I knew then she was going to run the Grand Prix, it’s just a matter of waiting to see if everything stays healthy. We also had our ups and downs. I clicked them in the track during a February storm two years ago, so I’ve been wearing condoms ever since. A splint on the bone of the pen had to be surgically removed. That was nerve-wracking. He’d be fine but thanks in part to Henk van der Veen van de Lingehoeve, it went very well.”

clicker training

But rehabilitation with a new mare is not so easy. “Juul can be very hyper and to keep her busy I started tap training. I watched some Youtube videos and started teaching her everything. For example, now she can bring whips and jumpers, raise the front leg and present. This way I was able to keep her occupied a bit more. During the rehabilitation process.Finally, I continued to expand this and was able to let it run alongside me.There are many videos on my Facebook page.It was also important during the rehabilitation that we drive a lot forward.I decided to do a lot of riding outside, But the first time I didn’t think about it. She was so busy. Repeating it so often, I can now ride her outside and often go to the beach and she walks right into the sea.”

A different way to train

Juul has become more obedient, but it turns out that he is still looking. Carlin decided to try making her mare more bomb-resistant through impact training. “I started walking on the tarpaulin and if she found something scary, she had to touch it. Right after touching, she would be rewarded. Percussion device training, outdoor riding, and scare training taught me that I don’t have to train her much physically, but rather keep her occupied mentally.” My training is now more focused and Juul is very eager to learn. She is special, she pulls on her lip when there are still small bits on her teeth and I have to remove them. And when she is free to brush, she shows me where I have to brush.”

the day before

“Last June, I didn’t find anyone who wanted to go on a beach trip with me, and I don’t think it was safe alone. But I really wanted to get off the yard for a while. Then I went to the assembly to practice between the white fences. One day later, a match will be held under the top.” And the circuit was ready.During training, I decided to continue testing the Prix St. Georges and that was very easy.A friend and regular groom, Miranda van der Molen, suggested participating and it was arranged in no time.The next day we rode our first victory point in the small tour “.

are you crazy?

Carlin continues: “During the Corona period, I didn’t start in competitions anymore. Then I saw that there was another sub-competition nearby and decided to sign up for middle school two weeks ago. Focused on it. I didn’t take any lessons for two years and only led two clinics, after which I asked My ex-regular coach and sub jury member Leah de Ruyter to see if it sounded like something. I drove a few lines and Leah was talking about completely different lines. Then it turned out that Leah was talking about Grand Prix lines. She said, ‘You’re driving the Grand Prix.’ I said “Are you crazy?”, I didn’t even train for that slalom after I decided to see how things would go next week and switched over to a Grand Prix half a week before the race. The nerves are back again. I still know it If I don’t start the Grand Prix, I will regret it.”

kick my ass

“The week before, the stress really hit. I think a lot of people recognize it: Suddenly you get so insecure. I really haven’t put a dent in a butter box and doubted everything. Jules is so sensitive, I immediately felt insecure and no longer understood what I wanted.” From her.I collected myself in time, gave myself a good kick in the ass, put a nice bowl of noise with metal music on the way to the competition and left. In the audition we were both so focused, I couldn’t get more of it now. It was great In the lesson though, hear the horses behind the boat. The Grand Prix class was green but clear. She did well in her track and streak, and they are very harmonious, so are the turns. I already signed for 60% in advance. 65% was now almost no Really believe,” De Boer is still stunned.

just received

“I learned that Anton Epskamp, ​​Juul’s breeder, had a terrible disease of cancer. I had deteriorated rapidly in recent weeks and when I got my Grand Prix test results I walked to the trailer. When I was with Juul, I immediately called his family and told them that the special breeding product His is the Grand Prix Dressage. The family said they informed Anton and he seemed to respond. The next day I had a lovely trip outside with Jules and got a message that Anton had died the night they told them. I think it’s very special that he learned this as soon as he first appeared. at the Grand Prix with her. And I’m glad I called right away.”

wise lessons

“I would not have achieved this feat with Juul without all the wise lessons from my previous horses, but it has also been achieved thanks to the good farrier, dentist, magnet, etc., whom I have come to know over the years. My goal is to become a better racer in the Grand Prix , but the way I do now. She could just be a horse and she’s out a lot, we don’t train that much and we change a lot. I hope to have a lot of fun with her across the board,” concludes the rider.

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Photo: Carlin de Boer

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