Youth care tapes frighten viewers: Solitary confinement and abuse? ‘Nauseous’

The first episode of Jojanneke and youth care tapes He made a great impression on viewers. But the second episode is shocking and sad again. Especially the horror stories about the isolation dungeon and the abuses inside the youth care, which guarantee viewers a feeling of “sickness”.

In the docu series, Jojanneke van den Berge examines the dire situation of youth welfare in the Netherlands. The first episode of last week elicited shocking reactions and even tears from many viewers.

But the second episode also makes a deep impression. Last week, viewers got to know Nando (17), Jimmy (17), Ellie (28) and Doc (15) who shared their fierce story. This time the single mother Maddie (27) also appeared in the episode, and she herself remained in the care of the youth and had to give up her daughter. Additionally, we see 19-year-old Stephanie, who recounts her sad experience with the solitary cell.

Abuse within youth welfare in youth welfare tapes

Madi gave birth to her first child at the age of sixteen under the supervision of Youth Care. Her daughter, Jenelle, was taken from her nine months later. Her two other sons could live with her. With a lump in her throat describing the moment her daughter was taken away by youth care.

Eli also returns in the second episode. It turns out in the first episode that she is in the stage of euthanasia at the age of 28, because she cannot live with the traumas that she has undergone. Although she was already very traumatized by being put at home at the age of ten, this situation only got worse in the care of young people. What led to those shocks? “There was a lot of abuse,” Eli says. Escorts who, for example, entered her room with a key and touched her. “If you report it as a girl or file a complaint about it, you’re told: she’s agitated, don’t believe her.” According to her, this happened to many girls. “We didn’t get a vote. We were those girls who were behaviorally disturbed.”

Viewers were shocked by the stories about the solitary cells

But the disastrous consequences of the infamous solitary cell also appear in the second episode. Nando’s was locked up in such an “iso” for several days when he was a 12-year-old boy. In his years in the institutions, he says, he was in solitary confinement “more than 150 times”. But it turns out, Stephanie has a sad record. She spent nine months in solitary confinement. Due to her past abuse, suicidal thoughts, and desire to mutilate herself, Stephanie turns out to be a complex case of youth care. Still faced with queues and a lack of proper assistance. Youth care doesn’t know what to do with her and they put her in a solitary cell for months at the age of fifteen.

Her father says that as parents they did not know what happened to their daughter. Stephanie says ISO has hurt her. “I’m sure we had a very nice family, but the government destroyed it,” says her father. And his daughter adds: “And the isolation cell.”

Want to watch episode 2 of Jojanneke and the youth welfare tapes? You will find it here.

Viewers’ tears after the shocking revelations in the youth welfare tapes: Words fall short

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Viewers are once again shocked by the youth welfare tapes: solitary confinement and abuse? ‘Nauseous’

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