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expensive hobbySports, collecting or creativity: we all have hobbies. But some people spend a lot more on it than others. Every week we ask someone about their expensive hobby. This week: Rebecca Blokzijl (49) spends about 3000 euros per month on rides.

How did it start?
I have been riding since a young age and started again when my daughter started riding. I never motivated her to watch a horse because I know how expensive the sport is. But she fell in love with him immediately. I hoped it would pass, but the day after she turned seven, she was riding a little horse. I drive as a hobby, but my daughter (now 13) wants to get into this sport professionally.”

You both have a horse: How much does it cost?
,, I could have bought my horse for 3200 euros years ago. Now the price of the horse is at least 15,000 euros. Then it comes. Horse stables cost 1,000 euros per month. The costs of training my daughter are also 1000 euros per month. She trains with a jumper, and she has a special sitting and standing training and a personal trainer for balance and core stability. She also goes on a training weekend every holiday: spend 500 euros on it with travel and overnight accommodation costs.”

Her foal also trains: 200 euros per month for water training in an aquarium. Then there are the competitions: the starting ticket costs €90 per year and you pay €10 per test. It does not produce anything: my daughter has won ten titles in the Dutch championship.”


I don’t even want to know how much it costs. Because there are still vet costs

Rebecca Blokziegel (49)

and clothes?
“Competition shoes cost 1,500 euros. A good competition jacket is 200 euros. On top of that, my daughter and I ride about five times a week, so we have five butts for 120 euros each. You can buy riding gear from Decathlon or Action, but then you can’t Wear it after three washes.”

The horse must also be dressed. Our horses have €1,000 worth of blankets that they use for five years. The saddle costs 5,000 euros. Fortunately, that comes with the life of the horse.”

Little money, right?
“I don’t even want to know how much it will cost. Because there are still veterinary costs. My horse just retired and failed more and more. I paid 4,500 euros for colic and 1,500 euros for septicemia.”


My husband sometimes thinks it’s an expensive hobby, but he’d rather my daughter walk around the equestrian center than sit in front of the computer.

Rebecca Blokziegel (49)

How do you pay for this?
I am self employed and work as a social media consultant. This allows me to organize my time by myself and I can spend a lot of time with the horses. My salary – and sometimes part of my husband’s salary – goes to the horses. We get our promo and part of my daughter’s clothes and training sponsored, because I’m doing a vlog. Otherwise, we can’t afford it.”

“We used to go skiing and on summer vacation. I can’t do that anymore, but I don’t have a problem with it. We go to riding school every day: it gives a vacation feel. Sometimes my husband thinks it’s an expensive pastime, but he prefers to let my daughter ride in Horse riding school instead of sitting in front of the computer a hundred thousand times.”

How does your environment interact?
“Family doesn’t always get it. We can’t come all day because we have to go to the horses. I’ve lost friends because of that, but that’s okay. They talk about taking their caravan to Italy in the summer, and I don’t want to think about that.”

What makes horses so special?
Horses are your psychiatrist, physiotherapist and your best friend. You can build a huge bond with the horse. It is so special to see this with my daughter. My son played handball and his team continued to win “together”. But that’s only a small part of what it feels like when you win a horse. You can live on that feeling for life.”

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