Peter Pannecock and the Trojans

In fact I would have liked to talk about Peter Pannecock, who showed on New Year’s Eve that a comedian is indeed a career. Because Jan en Alleman calls himself a comedian or comedian these days. This has exhausted our community with genres like Jürgen Riemann (now booked as a motivational coach!), Sarah Kroos, Robin van der Meer, Stefano Kaiser and Sundus Al Ahmadi; Humorists who only laugh at their jokes.

But Pannekoek is already written in Heaven enough. The real, uncontrollable humor comes from politics these days. No, I am not referring to Hugo de Jonge, who – after decisively addressing all the problems of Corona in the Netherlands – is now allowed to solve the crisis in the housing market. Watch out: Superman-Hugo will score a number of newly built homes, which will set us back again. The moribund CDA will grow again thanks to this assertive approach.

The humor also doesn’t come from the CDA minister who dumped Ferdinand Grabenhaus† It seems that at the last cabinet meeting, Wopke and Hugo were full of energy”joke house Where are you going?” They sang. The rest thought that was a little too cute. The only one who whispered enthusiastically was VVD’s Secretary of State, Anki Brokers-Knoll, because she always liked to resonate with the other old people in the retirement home and hadn’t I realized after that she did not participate in the new cabinet..

No, the real, uncontrollable laughter in politics was caused at the last minute of 2021 by Joost Eerdmans on the TV show De Slimste Mens. Joost used to be a member of the CDA – just like Hugo. When he saw better career opportunities in the wake of Pim Fortuyn in 2002, he switched to LPF. He was fired from that, because he was also secretly busy getting the EenNL party off the ground. Liveable followed, the Democracy Forum and then—when he found out just before the election that the forum was another name for Crazy House—Joost became JA21 president.

And so Kameleon Eerdmans, with a one-off performance with Philip Freriks and Maarten van Rossum, proved that he is certainly not the smartest human being. The famous expression “Joost may know” suddenly took on a new dimension, because Joost Eerdmans didn’t really know anything. He sadly lost out to that sweet actress from Albert Heijn’s commercials. However, Jost cannot deny some laziness. As a Member of Parliament / Party Leader, the PVV / Forum Light guarantees that he will have a good income for many years (more than 120,000 euros) and who knows how the right-wing ball will roll with the next formation.

Rita Verdonk

Because right-hand balls in particular can roll oddly. Not only have we been able to see this in Baudet soaps in recent years, we’ve known about it since Boer Koekoek. Two former champions are now emerging from the angle of the right-wing antagonists in The Hague. Not in the House of Representatives, but in the field of local politics. and at Hart voor Den Haag / Groep De Mos. It is about Bharu Brinkmann (formerly PVV, former Independent Civic Party, formerly democratic political turning point, formerly Ondernemerspartij) and Rita Verdonk (formerly PSP, formerly PPR, formerly VVD, formerly proud of the Netherlands).

By the way, immediately forget about the name Hero Brinkman, because after the former police officer filed a case for joining the party of Richard de Moss in a qualified position, Rita ruthlessly crossed her. Once Hero and Rita get close, their failed parties merge, but this love quickly cools. And Richard de Moss is so fond of Britta that he dropped his former PPV champion like a brick. Like Geert Wilders who once threw Richard de Moss.

We look forward to having a great time with Heart for The Hague. Aside from the fact that the stench of corruption has permeated the club and its captain for years, Richard de Moss has now won the Trojan horse with Rita Verdonk. Rita as a fellow politician is more dangerous than a Turkish friend/patron who sleeps with a gun under his pillow. Where Rita appears, misery comes. For money, for position, for power, for lies and loyalty. And as if that weren’t enough, alongside right-wing 66-year-old Rita, de Moos also put leftist counterpart Constant Martin, 72, on the shortlist. Feel free to say duo list and cheat.


At the Labor Party, I thank God for their bare knees. At the time when Martini was still playing his violin for the first time within the PvdA and in his tenure as an alderman, the man was alternately called Rasputin and Machiavelli. Where the Social Democrats had been politically powerless against the populism of Hart for Den Haag for years, they now received not one, but even two Trojans as a gift out of nowhere. Because Monsieur Constant Martini is a facsimile of Rita Verdonck: a history of quarrels, deceit and constant hatred.

Will the bomb explode before the next municipal elections? Because not everyone in the group is cheering this PR trick by De Mos. Or does the frenzy within the party only erupt after the votes are counted? Richard, Rita and Constant: Three power-hungry egos, and three cunning street fighters, prey on loot. I can’t wait for the political cabaret on the horizon. This would be more fun than Peter Pannekoek.

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