Outrage over Pakistani PM’s decision on sexual assault: ‘If a woman wears less clothes, it affects’ outside the country

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, 68, has been criticized at home for linking the rising number of assaults and rape to the way women dress. “If a woman wears very little clothing, it will have an effect on the man, unless she is a robot. It is common sense.” Activists in the conservative Islamic State are stunned and are calling on the prime minister to retract his statements.

In Pakistani cities such as Karachi and Lahore, according to Watchman Several major protests were planned as activists would publicly denounce Khan’s comments. More than a dozen human rights groups, including the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, signed a statement yesterday asking the prime minister for an apology.

According to the Prime Minister, being a victim of sexual violence has to do with the environment in which you grew up. “It depends on the community you live in,” the former cricketer replied when asked by HBO Axios if the rare outfit provoked aggression. “If people in a society had never seen anything like this before, it would have an effect on them.”

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sorry rapist

By linking violent incidents to a woman’s choice of dress without evidence, the Pakistani prime minister is causing a lot of outrage in his country. “This is dangerously superficial and reinforces the public opinion that women are ‘known’ victims and men are ‘powerless’ aggressors,” one of the signatories to the letter told AFP. France Press agency† “It gives a license to the perpetrators of rape.”

The daughter of exiled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif criticized the controversial prime minister in a televised address. “Khan is an excuse rapist,” Maryam Nawaz said, adding that she believes that people like Khan, who condone rape, “have the same mentality as rapists themselves.”

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trembling heart

Kanwal Ahmed, another nationally known feminist, spoke the same somewhat harsh terms on Twitter. My heart trembles when I think of the number of rapists who feel so empowered today that the Prime Minister supports their crime. Khan’s words are not a slip of the tongue or “the opinion of his uncle in the living room”. It is a public and serious threat to women in our country when they are told that rape and sexual assault are their fault. And that their prime minister is behind the rapists.”

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This is not the first time

This is not the first time that Pakistanis have taken to the streets in large numbers out of respect for women’s rights. Last September, thousands of women expressed outrage at the police chief’s response to the gang rape of a woman. The protests were triggered by an incident in which two men pulled a woman and her children out of their car in Lahore. They raped the mother in front of her family and stole her money and mobile phones.

The Metropolitan Police Chief, Omar Sheikh, described it as a woman’s mistake to leave her home at all at night and drive down a deserted street instead of a different route. The rape of the woman and the words of the police chief sparked outrage on social media.

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control freedoms

A few months later, tens of thousands of activists took to the streets again to demonstrate against the military-backed government. Supporters of 11 opposition parties opposed to the military’s political role protested in the central city of Lahore to overthrow Prime Minister Khan’s government.

Double inflation, a bad economy, curbs on civil liberties, censorship of the media, and a deteriorating security situation have fueled opposition protests.

Prime Minister Khan came to power in the 2018 elections, amid allegations of manipulation by powerful generals who have ruled the country for decades and still wield considerable power.

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