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Becoming a mother is exciting, of course, and can be very overwhelming. At such moments you are presented with a wealth of information about children. Babies, preschoolers, toddlers, fetuses and even reproduction will pass. So Anna Jacobs started a media app and, above all, a reality app with her sister Frederick. In How About Mom, you will be introduced to the practical side of motherhood.

How About Mom should be a peer to many apps that you can download during pregnancy and will especially provide you with a lot of information about the baby. Anna: “I have noticed in myself and other pregnant women that there is a great need for honest, factual and reliable information. No one can prepare you for what it is really like to be a mother, but you can make this huge development in your life more enjoyable by having a good digital proof It guides you through your first year of motherhood.”

They do this by offering appreciation, reassurance, advice and answering the question: “Is it normal to…?” with How about Mom. “We also hope to make women laugh and inspire with our stories and photos. We also want to make new moms aware that taking time for yourself is very important.”

Anna Jacobs

Experience in the smart health sector provided a logical next step in the form of How About Mom. Frederick: “For the past seven years, we’ve been working in healthcare and technology within our first joint company, SmartHealth. After Anna’s first pregnancy and birth, the idea for her app came out. It wasn’t until after Anna’s second child was born that the idea grew to become How About Mom”.

Thus began a new company of the two sisters. Frederick: “For the first few months, we spoke with countless pregnant women, mothers, obstetricians and medical professionals. From obstetricians and gynecologists to lactation consultants, psychologists, sexologists, and pelvic floor physiotherapists. It became clear that our message was shared before Many: more interest in the expectant and new mother and more openness about current taboo topics.”

It was clear to the sisters from the start that there had to be an application. First, they focus on building online reach, as this helps them connect with their target audience and launch a new product. The number of readers on the site and followers on Instagram is increasing, and therefore the platform is becoming more and more known. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear what concerns and questions new mothers have to deal with. Anna: “It is great to see women feel comfortable with us from day one and share personal questions, interests, photos or stories with us. The community we have built so far is so valuable.”

app what about mom

After more than half a year of preparation, research and gathering of a team of medical experts who want to participate in the application, the development of the application begins. Expert UX Designer Paulina was brought in to turn existing desires and ideas into an application. Frederieke: “In two intense design sprints, we tested our assumptions, designs and user experience, interviewed several potential users, and eventually developed an app prototype in Adobe xD. While the temptation to start building immediately is great, of course, we’re glad we took the time. To conduct comprehensive market research, test multiple prototypes, and build reach online.”

Busy time, but what skills do you need to run a successful platform? “In our day-to-day work we see how beneficial it is to master many different skills as an entrepreneur. Of course you don’t have to excel at everything, but it does make running a company great if you have mastered the art of design, sales and marketing, finance, strategy, project management and account management. We also see the advantages The big thing is that we are good journalists and writers. After all, a good dose of discipline, perseverance and positivity are valuable qualities.”

How About Mom has an office within walking distance of Utrecht central station, but the ladies are also used to working from home or on the road. Anna: “The nice MacBook Pro and iPhone are indispensable, and we also work in a large part of Google Cloud. Since I am deeply involved in designing our site, our branding and our app, I also like to work with InDesign and Adobe Xd. Fortunately, we are also supported by a great team level so we can take steps quickly.”

How About Mom is now popular and the ladies have already achieved the necessary milestones with it. Anna: “It is of course important that we always look forward and set new goals, but we also consciously try to think about the things we have achieved in the meantime. Of course, we thought that three thousand downloads of the app in the first three days was a milestone. The download number exceeded our expectations. It was really nice to be suddenly so popular in the Apple Store in those early days and to see so many enthusiastic users. The app has now been downloaded over 8000 times and we are happy with all the attention we give about How About Mom.”

Nice and versatile

The sisters are happy with their daily work. “The versatility of our work is one of the most beautiful things, and there is no single day. Regardless, the feedback and messages we receive from pregnant women and mothers every day is a huge motivation. The fact that practices of midwives, lactation consultants or maternity care organizations also promote our app or Ordering flyers or posters and actively sharing information about us on their sites, during home visits or counseling hours, is very valuable. Less fun? We can be brief about that: Accounting.”

Want to start your own business on your own? The ladies have some advice: “Follow your heart, use your mind and find good counselors around you. You often learn a lot from sharing your thoughts and discussing doubts. “

Anna is running for TechGirl of the Month. You can vote for her in an article that will be online at the end of this month. “Vote for me if you agree with the How about Mom mission. More attention and care for the mother. No more taboo topics, but an openness to all you can expect physically and mentally when you become a mother. More love for ourselves, despite all the changes big or small in Our bodies or in our heads. And: Providing reliable information in a low-minimum manner accessible to all (expecting) mothers.”

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