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He, speak Judge, mouth: sexual exploitation of minors, child pornography, violent extortion, deprivation of liberty, assault, threat, fraud and money laundering. Questions for the accused: What is your first reaction? Is the attorney general wrong here or…? “

The suspect said: “Things have happened, but it is said that they did not work out like this.”

Suspects often have to account for more than one or two crimes. This week there was another guy with 57 offenses up his sleeve. Less common is that the suspect is a female.

The above-mentioned crimes – that mouthful – are attributed to the woman. To Eva from Vendam. She is only 20 years old. Also this.

I checked it out. This year the multiple criminal division of the court in Groningen convicted 210 people: 199 men and 11 women. Since 2011, 200 women have been brought to trial in Court Room 14. Of these, 178 have been convicted (and 22 have been acquitted) against some 3,000 convicted men.

The oldest convicted female offender was 69 years old. She was guilty of severe assault. His son-in-law – and then a very quickly ex – was the victim. Violent crimes are not peculiar to women, but they prefer theft (including fraud), followed by drug trafficking and arson.

There are recent articles on the internet that indicate an increase in girls’ and women’s crime. An increase in percentages. If you look at the absolute numbers, I read that the increase is not significant. You could say that in terms of crime, women are just not good at it.

Then there was Eve. This wasn’t the first time she’d been on the suspect’s seat. In August, she was suspected of stealing ridiculously cheap clothes and some cosmetics from Primark in Groningen. She has an eight-page criminal record, so you’re having a good time when you’re 20 years old.

† You will be his pimp
Sexually exploited, perhaps
The smallest in the whole country

She is said to have committed several criminal offenses for which she is now being prosecuted when she was aged 17 and 18.
You will be a pimp, a sexist, and perhaps the smallest in all of the land. This is the worst doubt.

It is a story full of underlying misery. A 16-year-old girl ran away from home and was reported missing. There is another girl, also 16 years old, who lives with a foster family, somewhere in a village in Drenthe where life is so boring. That’s why you want to leave. They are girls with pasts that you would not wish for anyone.

Reports reach the police, clues across social media and more are troubling stories of men and gang rapes. Eva comes to the photo in such a way that she decides to click on her phone.

It is suspected that Eva took the two girls – whom she knows – to Amsterdam where she placed them with acquaintances, with two men, one skinny and tall, the other God-fearing and a taxi driver.

Eva is said to have re-advertised the Speurders with hot photos, fixed the prepaid customer’s phone and offered advice on a few things. About services and associated prices. She, along with the god-fearing taxi driver, also arranged clients. tens. And laughing gas and drugs, too much drugs to make it more bearable.

Eva says she is not a pimp.

She says these girls mostly want it for themselves. “They are not pathetic birds.” She says she knows the girls from Poortje in Groningen. Youth Foundation. Almost all the girls sitting there, on guard. Me too.”

Yeah. In the past, she would have had to say, “Don’t do that.” “I have a feeling of guilt. I should have stepped in. But I was 17. I did it myself with these guys. We were all three of it. Now it’s like I’m just the bad girl.” One of those girls, she says, is still working. in prostitution

† Then it’s a little bit of
Hand walked. just a whore

Then there is extortion, deprivation of liberty, assault, threat. mysterious story. She was sitting in a taxi in Groningen and then suddenly two men who were driving got in but did not want to pay on the way out. Eva: It got out of hand then. Just a whore.”

Fraud and money laundering? ,,This is correct. I think that’s too bad. “She made her bank card available, another person, Mr. T., cleverly cheated a woman who won €9,000, money deposited in her account. She has to keep the half.

Judge: What did you do with that money?
Eva: Edited. ”

She says she’s been in survival mode for years. I was a whore and I was surrounded by whores. All my friends went the wrong way. This made me survive.”

Time passed two years and Eva changed her mind. She goes to school. It is super motivation. You will be in training soon. Sunrise. She has good communication with her fellow students. There is a friend. Not a street boy, but a working boy. Just natural.”

To the judges: I cried a lot, and one day Raqqa brought me up. Then I saw that I needed help. I now speak to a psychiatrist every Thursday. I don’t think I’m pathetic anymore.”

The advice of the Probation Service is not to impose a prison sentence. If Eva returns to prison, all positive developments will be nullified. End of training too. Friends gone. It would be disastrous, says the lawyer.

† I have to compliment her
Because it has come a long way

The prosecutor says she suffers from her sentence. Because she knows what the lawyer says is true. She says she understands the advice of the monitoring service very well. And she likes Eva. “I have to commend her because she has come such a long way.”

But the attorney general must also assess — before the judges do. With a heavy sigh, she says, “I am asking for eighteen months in prison, twelve of which are conditional, and 240 hours of community service. I can’t sell it to society so as not to demand jail time. The facts are very serious.”

I think it would be courageous for the plaintiff to reveal her suffering. On the other hand, I can imagine our demanding society thinking: Why haven’t Amsterdam men who had sex with 16-year-old girls from the North been prosecuted?

Rob Zigglestra

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