Castricum a new richer century

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Mrs. H.G. Bremer-De Goede celebrated its 100th anniversary last Friday. (Photo: Henk de Rios)

Castricum – The year Hendrika (Rick) Bremer-de Guede saw the light of day, swimmer and later movie star Johnny Weissmuller became the first person to dive in the minute 100m freestyle and discovered Frederic Banting and Charles Best. Insulin hormone against diabetes. Last Friday, Rick was allowed to call himself a “centenary.”

By Henk de Rios

1922. Rick was born on April 8 of that year in Landsmeer. She is the fifth child in a row and already has four siblings. The marital home appears to be on fertile ground because after Rick, six boys and four girls see the light of day. The oldest and youngest child are 29 years apart. Three sisters and two brothers are still alive. When asked how old they are at the moment, Riek flawlessly mentioned the ages after a short mental calculation.

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When you enter her apartment in De Boogaert, you will immediately notice a large black and white photo in the middle of the table. This was taken on the occasion of her parents’ 45th wedding anniversary in 1960. All 15 children stand behind the newlyweds and wave profusely to the photographer.

When you first meet Riek, you’d think you’re dealing with a woman in her mid-80s. Looks well set up. She touches her lips and eyebrows to herself every morning, although this has become more difficult lately due to a shoulder injury.

I got this four years ago. When the reporter noticed that the lady still looked young, she reacted sharply. “I’m like an old car. From the outside they can fix such a thing very well, but if you look under the hood you get a completely different picture.” It indicates a shoulder and knee injury that you no longer want. This makes them less mobile. Hendrika still sees everything well without glasses. Come from a strong family. Her mother was 91 years old and her father almost 80. The latter was a source of eggs. A large amount of eggs end up in England each year.


On April 13, 1944, Rick married Henk Bremer. The marriage lasted 36 years. Rick and Hen had two children, son Baudouin and daughter Henriette (Jet). Unfortunately, Bowdoin passed away at the age of 66. Jett’s daughter is 75 years old and lives with her husband Jaap in France. Rick has seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Hendrika, as a child in her mother’s arms, for nearly a hundred years. Photo: delivered

When I married Hendrika, she moved to Amsterdam. This is where she has lived most of her life. Seven years ago I moved to Castricum. Here I moved into an apartment in Sans Souci. She moved to De Boogaert a year and a half ago because she was not physically well and needed care. From her apartment overlooking a beautiful pool. Still happy to be helped by Alie who is still helping with administrative and shopping chores after moving in.


Hendrika is aware of the current news and nothing escapes her notice. “The war in Ukraine really touches me because I lived World War II as an adult myself. I was eighteen when the war broke out. It must be the best years of your life. My father had to go into hiding and the hiding people found shelter in his warehouses. As a result, I know very well what is going on. It’s people in Ukraine. I’m watching the TV series “Het Verhaal van Nederland” and I’ve noticed that humanity has learned very little in two thousand years. It’s always about money and power.”

A family photo marking the 45th wedding anniversary of Rick’s parents. Rick is the fifth person from the left. (photo: attached)


Hendrika spends a great time in her room during the day. She loves reading, solving puzzles, and playing Wordfeud on her iPad. She also reads the newspaper daily. Sometimes she says she’s running out of time. Four years ago, Rick would regularly travel to her daughter and son-in-law in France. Presently, she maintains contact via Facetime and communication. Because of her birthday, Jett and Gap came over for a few weeks.

party, party

Last Sunday, Rick celebrated her birthday with her daughter Jett, son-in-law Yap, and her great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It turned out to be a fun family party at De Oude Keuken.

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