Beautiful last day Harry’s Horse Sitting Contest in Ermelo

The last day of Harry’s horse riding competition on Sunday 12th December in Ermelo looked a little different this year due to all Corona measures. But this did not spoil the fun, because via the live broadcast, fans were able to closely follow all the movements of the participants. This way everyone can see that four of the Equestrian Center’s top riders have been honored as the Riding School’s 2021 Rider of the Year.

Forty semi-finalists started in the morning at the National Equestrian Center in Ermelo. They were all selected for the semi-finals by one of the regional selections conducted across the country in the past weeks. The competition was held in four categories. The horses and ponies that participants were allowed to ride their test on were provided by Manege Stal Sintels from Breda. Today all riders rode a beautiful navy blue body warmer curated by Harry Horse. Only the top 20 riders were allowed to give their best again in the afternoon during the final which was scheduled for later in the day. In the decisive final, the participants had to convince the five judges of their correct posture and sitting position. In the meantime, all the experiments can be followed live via’s live stream, which many supporters have gratefully used.

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Swain Brink was one of the judges who were allowed to judge the riders on this final day in Ermelo. She looks back with great relief on a special last day. She then says: “First of all, I’d like to give a huge compliment to the fact that the sit-down competition has been able to move forward this year. Given all the measures of Corona, it wasn’t quite that simple, but the KNHS, the FNRS and all the entrepreneurs and riders did their best to make it Possible.Despite the restrictions in place, we made today a beautiful and interesting day that we can look at with a good feeling.Within the odds we simply made the most out of it and it’s nice to see.As a jury we were also very pleased with the cavalry level, which was very high in Today.The Manege Sintels horses behaved very well and the participants rode carefully.This resulted in four fantastic winners in the four categories who can now call themselves the best seated Manege Driver of 2021 for a year.

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All the participants who qualified for the entire final after the semi-finals did not go home empty-handed. Besides the beautiful medal and trophy and of course the honors, there were many awards to be awarded. Many equestrian centers presented great prizes to the finalists as sponsors for this final day. Thus, riders can win one of the following prizes:
– One-week equestrian camp in a week of your choice in summer 2022 worth €350 at Manege Oostmoer at Stad a/h Haringvliet
– Manege Noot Tour in Callantsoog
– A lesson in the practical equation in Manege Satana in Erichem
– Picnic in Les Chevaux in Buinen
– Excursion in the Zeewolde Manege in Zeewold
– Beach trip in Stal de Eik from Holten

Result Harry’s Horse Seating Competition 2021, Ermelo December 12

score category 1
1. Maike van Schouwen, RSV De Hoge Devel, 373.50
2. Julia van der Hoog, Riding School Oostmoer, 364.25
3. Fien Haijtink, Riding School Snorrewind, 347.00
4. Ivy Koelemij, Equestrian Center Zeewolde, 345.50
5. Ilse Pijl, Equestrian Center Zeewolde, 341.50

score category 2
1- Stephanie Forn, Zeewald Equestrian Centre, 382.00
2. Cliff Van Rijn, De Arkelhof, 378.00
3. Annelot van Rijswijk, Riding School Oostmoer, 351,25
4. Jody van Ewijk, De Goudse Manege, 350.50
5. Cas van der Zalm, Equestrian Club Pijnacker, 345.75

score category 3
1. Anouk Mog, Dee Schimmelcroft, 376,50
2. Denise Verolme, Riding School Oostmoer, 371,75
3. Kim Betten, Riding School Stal de Eik, 364.50
4. Chloe Cornelis, HC Langeweg, 352.00
5. Chloe Krueger, Fungus Croft, 348.50

Result category 4
1. Lindsey Kouwenberg, Riding School Thielen, 387.00
2. Silvia Steiger, Zeewolde Equestrian Centre, 383.75
3. Merel van der Veel, Meers Horse Center, 380.00
4. Anna Elert, Rhino Riding School Association, 366.50
5. Marielle Bergervoet, Zeewald Equestrian Center, 354.50

The full results will be published as soon as possible on the Competition website.

Photos: Digishots

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