You should not miss this: Top news from Drenthe and Groningen | Daily Overview Thursday, April 14

Daily overview Thursday, April 14, 2022.

Hamburger strings on the chain, Swedish winter fun from Elde Airport, a pathetic swan song, and Schönbeck saying goodbye to Claas Bakker. Read here what you (maybe) missed today.

More Swedish winter fun from Groningen Eelde Airport

Winter sports enthusiasts can travel from Eelde to a second winter sports destination in Sweden: Åre Östersund. This destination will be added to the existing winter connection with the Scandinavian Mountains airport in Sweden, on the border with Norway.

The scribbles haven’t been posted yet, but we are Already working in another Scandinavian destination from GAE ,” says owner Henk van der Koe Jr. of travel organization BBI Travel. “Last season, we were able to transport nearly 1,400 passengers to and from Sweden. We are very satisfied with that.”

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Banned hamburger chains and lifestyle coaches have been curbed

The Christian Democrat Member of Parliament in Groningen, Anne Quek, worked Thursday morning A proposal to give municipalities the opportunity to stop new fast food chains † Councilors from larger municipalities say they want to, but have not yet been allowed to.

The next pandemic is underway, Kwik said. Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. We Dutch European champions to sit. When it’s easier to get a hamburger than a piece of fruit, municipalities should get more tools.”

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Honorary Dean, chalk drawings and bells

Students, parents and teachers at De Iemenhof Primary Public School in Schoonebeek formed an honor guard along the street near their school on Thursday morning. A final salute to Claes Bakker, the beloved school principal who died suddenly at the age of 63.

A master and colleague has always been there for everyone and not so much. This was Klas Packer according to the students and staff of De Iemenhof. His sudden death last week struck like a sledgehammer. The funeral was held in secret Thursday. Before that, the procession passed through the school where Packer was enjoying the work so much.

The students had appropriate drawings on the street in chalk Created and written scripts. Several children made bubbles with bubbles.

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Swans full of bullet holes and severed legs were found in the meadow of Zuidlaren

An employee of Animal Ambulance North Drenthe was deeply shocked last Wednesday. After a report, he found two dead swans in a meadow under a high-voltage tower on the Nieuwe Dijk in Zuidlaren. Animals were killed in a horrific way.

The legs were next to it and both animals had bullet holes in the body. Marianne, an animal ambulance employee, heard the story from a colleague who had found the animals. † It was really a shock to our colleague † You just don’t expect the legs are no longer attached and have bullet holes in them.”

The city center turns into a sea of ​​flowers again

Tulips, roses, daffodils and gerberas: On Good Friday, the Bloemenjaarmarkt returns in central Groningen. How many edition? Market expert Dirkjan Koeman lost count. thirty? Twenty-nine? No idea. But it’s always fun.”

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Northerners in the race to succeed PvdA chief Ploumen

Following the departure of Lillian Blumen as the leader of the PvdA, her successors are likely to be the North’s Henk Niebuhr and Atje Koiken.

Blumen’s successor must come from the 9-member parliamentary bloc of the PvdA. The party leader will also be the interim leader of the party until the next elections.

What criteria must such a person meet? † Margo van Diken, Former MP for PvdA: He or she must keep things together. This means that you should have a great deal of esteem in the group.”

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Editor’s Recommendation

The Groningen municipality spokesman is still dumbfounded. 550 square meters of new sidewalks have been prepared on a municipal site. At least, until the platforms suddenly disappeared last March.

“Of course, something has been stolen before, but nothing like it has been stolen, and nothing of our property has ever been stolen. It is an extraordinary story.”

The municipality submitted a report on Thursday. The police are now also studying the main question : Who would do such a thing? and how?

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