Temptation Island: Season 3 of Love or Leaving can be watched on Videoland starting April 28

Starting April 28, Monica Josie and Kaj Gorgels will be presenting Temptation Island: Love or Leave Season 3 in Videoland. They follow the love adventures of four Dutch couples and several singles. The upcoming season was filmed in the Dominican Republic and contains a number of new elements. For example, couples in the Netherlands can already choose which singles they will go with and will travel separately from each other.

Temptation Island: Love or Leave The third season consists of twelve episodes and can be watched weekly on Videoland starting April 28. The first two episodes will appear on the 28th, after which there will be an episode every week. Get to know the four pairs!

These couples dare it! Are they already with the right person or is there a better match? You can see him on the island of temptation: love or leave. On April 28, after King’s Day, you can blast off with two episodes!

Posted by Videoland on Thursday 14th April 2022

Iris and Whitney

27-year-old Iris (Harbor Security) and sober athlete Whitney (Fire Security), 34, have been together for three years. In recent years, they have had to deal with trust issues on a regular basis. For the couple, their participation in “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” is either a hit or a break. Whitney wants to prove herself to Iris and wants to see if Whitney can be trusted.

Noble and Rene

The beautiful and ambitious 25-year-old Annebel (customer service employee) and 27-year-old Renee (security guard and online personal trainer) have been together for five years. They do everything together and never leave each other’s side. They are ready for the next step in their relationship and want to use their engagement to check if their relationship is really as strong as they think they are. Rene wonders if he’s lost his unruly hair and if the playboy is still inside of him. Annebel has an idea that Renee sometimes takes for granted. They are both curious if they meet someone who can give them more than they already have.

Lindy and Jean Sitts

24-year-old Lindy, social and adventurous young lady (residential counselor psychiatry department) and 26-year-old Jan Setsey (formerly Mariner) have only been together for one year. The two met in Curaçao and it was love at first sight, but both feel insecure and jealous. By participating in “Island of Temptation: Love or Leave” they hope to reduce this and see if they are one for each other.

Maris and Evo

The adventurous and quiet 27-year-old Maris (Creative Director) and the enthusiastic and optimistic 28-year-old Evo (Creative Director), have been together for at least nine years and know each other from their nightlife. Maris likes to think about the future, Evo lives day in and day out. So Maris is suspicious of the relationship and wants to investigate whether she can develop feelings for another person. It gives Evo the same process. Ivo hopes that through her sharing, Maris finds out that Ivo is the right person.

Temptation Island: Love or Leave Season 3

Four couples in sunny Italy are trying to figure out if they are the one or if someone suits them better. Partners break up with each other and connect with singles who are looking for a serious relationship. During multiple dates, they get a chance to connect more deeply and grow as a person. Do participants return to their usual partner after the experiment?

At the end of 2020, Videoland started broadcasting temptation island In a new format, which is more based on the American variant. In this, the couples do not agree up front that there should be no physical contact, but the couples are really allowed to go in and see if they are one for each other. The focus here is on testing love rather than resisting temptation. Singles are also looking for a relationship and are not primarily sexually oriented as in the regular seasons.

Episodes can only be watched on the RTL Videoland streaming platform. Temptation Island: Love or Leave Produced by SimpelZodiak – Banijay Benelux brand.

Temptation Island: Love or Leave It can be seen weekly on Videoland from April 28, 2022 at 00:00.

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