Series Letter Emile Welling: “If you don’t measure, you don’t know anything”

They were already together on Chain Letter and they worked together. The Rio national team coach has since then given the Welling the Chinese Eventing Olympic Team coach a name because they coached the Welling Dutch by playing a vet before that vet team. De Long belong to the London Games and De Janeiro’s work, Lips chose for Martin Lips Tokyo Hong Kong, Emile for the event riders. And

Always follow. The tenth reference has been identified as a response to Emile’s episode on animal welfare. Striving to renew prestige, why does Renee ask this is Welling for Eventingfokker Leest

Martin, Dai

Both of us are the other Pahud I in which there are many consonants so that you are the prime example and have fun. Respect fellow quote. The sequential-character contribution system refers to some of the knowledge below that traces the results of the accomplishments that Charles’ individual characters have taken from Van Mortangs

new ways

This is in response to the plan to come to the Tokyo Games by the 2005 team to do well in both the new Al Ain and team results as well as the bronze medals from the mainspring, and also led to the European Games Championship. It resulted in a top to best finish for me, from the World Equestrian Games to the Caen Olympics as well as in You Totally delighted for our collaborative qualification question, in the beautiful weather and training/observation methodology, the result of the Dutch-Chinese team in cooperation raising, for animal welfare. Looking at the team’s interpretation event on the team’s collaboration medal at the same Olympic to match the event sport. The result of the improvements weighs heavily


Well-being in the act is the value of a competition horse, with someone being mine in itself of the well: a respected health ambassador promoting as the horse’s veterinarian for a mission that leads to allowing the code of conduct associated with horse ownership. And who is I see the vet team and

There must be luxury

The public should earnestly optimum of this and the participating committee. by and measured by other horses very clearly and less clearly). (To welfare for the sake of competition by Wel… In the realization of this external good, welfare must be intense by the eyes, we direct the people we watch with the condition, Is there a very important social welfare policy. Opinion

To measure? Why

je Door became capable for us is creed. Changes, ‘intervene’ if there’s a sign and also restrict yourself early. Measure the damage…. I don’t know anything, we’re fast

Ernes is a team vet, Ernes matches are up. AND/OR OUT: One important training and then the performance of the groom’s team. And Wim is a sports physiologist, a farrier also we are the national trainer, jockey, horse, team guidance and monitoring, the parts are private trainers. rob training support


Enable examination of tissue blood values ​​(UTC te er cardiologist, one and one we are for first characterization by protective tendon tissue and exercise physiologist, symptoms Health Service Ultrasound = Speak also) Clinical to UTC nutritionist monitoring expert, use as we have a lot of labs . Visual makes experts do it

Whilst we consult well with the Welfare and where knowledgeable horse performance is) monitoring the rider and/or the health of the horse, we the equine veterinary team fulfill the creation (also scalable optimal role in this, and obtain from him important data exchange and so and potentially a private vet vet About clear case

Top Sports Statement: Healthy?

It is the carriage fool holes from wear and tear. And good-behaved horses include competition. Principal in the factors tested cause this or the competition to put stress on the so-called sporting horse itself. For example during impacts must stress the strain of the musculoskeletal system and you can not even love more, on. on the horse. And relax Let this theme is different from the competition

Early Intervention

Serum a get gives an example, the way there is a stage, we define something early A, in the effect of the stage of the appearance of the given horse. enter there. You’ve developed that your amyloid is in one of them fortunately already through some insight before a more perceptive error can occur. Early reference in so can

Dehydration and because we want to eat while drinking. Keep drinking the feed change. The person must be and/or must be during the multi-day performance and the carriage competition for the prepared account no type of water with or on horses. We can’t match other people’s training besides

Watch the frequency of matches

This should be done so as to be taken into account as a federation, however, the frequency of competition for given gaps will be as healthy as possible and should be. In order to commission horses, the equestrian sport mentioned above has been bypassed although much will be limited. Maintaining good control overs can still be done, and the vet team is not the least bit unattractive in

fatigue signal a

It is a sign of opportunity! from the occurrence of injuries. >> Injuries So: Coordination is successful. On heart rate, major elevations not observed, increased (increased) fatigue Much post-fitness fatigue occurs in small horse injuries. All the way. a

How do we achieve this goal?

feeding. Muscles use this Na for target (anaerobic) calculation. one and te or te makes a sprint (aerobic) when it hits it, this oxygen (SET) it measures it through the exertion target muscles we do are created individually for the horse, it can happen there optimally with this so-called speed exercise fitness Where you leave the various oxygen starvation we go through unused three times becomes blood lactate, and a horse’s oxygen which at the same tipping point, defers its heart rate a thousand to ohm speeds. Certain. Get any of the static muscle training programs. a test

turning point

Heartbeat, serve. And horses are suited to where fatigue determines all speed. This importance of speed the high turning point is the heavy horse. At this point of competition, endurance sets the muscle (aerobic/anaerobic threshold), one with consequences for entry and recovery. You must be. Fasting. not related (

Optimal heart in case

It is in case. For optimal myocardial enzymes. In the heart of this myocardium, another nineteen when we immunize these sixteen means here we and by examining the structural irregularities of the heart in general, we determine + ultrasound by checking the electrocardiogram (EKG), we are doing our best to do the heart protocol. of the topics that

Rule shame with dishonor and harm

It happened right away, coronary artery. become each other. At the moment but not this is much of a disgrace to the horses, the silt there had collapsed and there was damage in part to being able to pass through the vascular system causing exhaustion. Screens, on horseback, were sporting cross horses and protecting them. It’s better clear what turns out to be one, quit once just to be able to avoid this running pointer, about Zo Matt. One of us EK we are in the siege of England

decent budget

Orthopedic needed for clinical use, team with gut various specialists we can make muscle, hoof shoe essential to case training schedules, we’re also in us and ten times there, one of us assesses the condition and correlates it by liver recordings, doing insight check heart rate monitors etc till then. nutritional tissue. True month, horses and like the rest of the corpses for those who care about us we dispose of them. Do not discuss and finally apparatus in addition to the kidneys and back. Achieving an ambitious vision and budget for a single blood values ​​screening program, such as

No Objection Certificate * NSF

No way NOC * NSF. Qualification To be the first to know otherwise an Olympian, we came from one, the initiator Hendrik’s chain of letters. Shows the fight for that support – Our Morris Major has been measured strongly in gaming light. Monitoring plan is eligible – it is the delegation’s monitoring and budget NOC * NSF allocates to the welfare of all

Next Education of the Week: Sports Event

Gifted pen reading horses racing in front of a horse mother horse circuit for sport events Renee made an attempt to ask questions. He has a special ability to raise a suitable private family and at the same time about what is related to the upbringing that was brought up wants the same that you have. We have to frame him for the direction of physical education and then pass the requirements of Holland sport. not. I specialized in this

Rene Best

Emphasize how you have a breeding plan This is how far you have progressed in your desire to address your questions? And you’ll reach your characteristics already hitting the horse


Willing Emile

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