News from Berkelland » UNO’21 school soccer set 7/8 won by St Jorrisschool

By the editors on 04-14-2022

Borkolo – Today, under perfect weather conditions, football was being played in the stadiums of the Réunion FA, with 15 mixed teams of boys and girls doing a great job. The players closely monitored the results and the standings.
In the Group 8 group, the winner of St Jorisschool was announced only at the last minute. In the Group 7 group De Heuvelschool was the winner and in the Group 7 group De Kiezel and Keischool managed to win very convincingly in all matches. Kickamp was the best number 2 among the groups.

penalty chain
In the semi-finals, Heuvelschool competed against Kiezel and Keischool. In the end, Heuvelschool won this match by a very exciting penalty shootout. St. Joris School played the other semi-final match against Kickamp, ​​where St. Joris won. In the end, St. Gorescol won the thrilling final match with a score of 2-1. Hill School came in second. Kiezel en Keischool 3e and de Keikamp 4. “On behalf of UNO’21 we would like to congratulate the winners. Next week we will continue the school football tournament for groups 5/6 of Borculo eo primary schools.”

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Welfare Council meets on April 20
BIRKLAND – The Welfare Board will meet again in April at the Berkeland Town Hall, at Marketstraat 1 in Borkolo. Next meeting…
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The AJ & LW Bier Sculpture Garden opens over Easter
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Meet your dream employer in De Talentuin
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SilverFit Alois for the SKB Winterswijk Nursing Department
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NIOD’s Afke Berger delivers first William Lowenberg lecture at Borculo . Synagogue
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The test sites will remain at Achterhoek for the time being
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Lottery sale by Korfball Association Olympia ’22
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Car scratches in Borkolo
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Susan Zefrink of Ruurlo takes Gelders Champion klootschieten
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Boenders Eibergen

Frats by Marcel Struyt

bust frats
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Photographer Frats
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Feathers shaking
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funny cart story
You need you know, we go “net” together to the stable. Wearing naked becomes intent with a holiday. Coming soon to their cafe……
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Frank Junk (CDA) says goodbye to a disappointed city council

BIRKLAND – Frank Yunk said goodbye to Berkeland City Council in a disappointed and somewhat disappointing fashion on Tuesday night. Yunk finds it difficult to express the feeling he left with words. He hasn’t been able to find his place on the city council very well for the past four years. That is why he will reset his political compass, in the coming years he will ask himself how he really sees things and how he can really make a difference. He hasn’t had that feeling in recent years. Junk believes there is a real chance that he will return to politics in the future.

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