News 112: Inland ship capsizes at Europort, halting freight traffic | A police car on its way to shooting crashes into a car


Emergency services are looking for the missing person in Nieuwe Waterweg © Media TV

In this post, we will provide you with the most important 112 news from the region as of Thursday, April 14.

20:00 – A police car on its way to shooting hits a car

A police car collided with a passenger car in Schiedam. Officers were on their way urgently to report a house fire on Kolenbranderstraat. Things went wrong when bending from ‘s-Gravelandseweg to Kasteelweg. Ambulance officers checked the two officers and the passenger car. He escaped unharmed and was unharmed.

18:35 – Europort’s Inland Waterway vessel capsized, traffic closed

There is an inland vessel lying upside down on the Nieuwe Waterweg. There were two people on board the ship. One of them is on the side and it works well depending on the conditions, and the second person is being searched on board with three diving teams. Read more here.

15:55 – Fire in Rotep’s shed

A fire broke out in the Rotep warehouse near Kleinpolderplein. According to a fire service spokesperson, two delivery trucks caught fire. Roteb’s personnel were able to safely leave the shed. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

14:15 – A plane from Brussels takes stranded passengers to Gran Canaria

A spokesman for Rotterdam The Hague Airport said that the plane that leaked kerosene at Rotterdam The Hague Airport will not take off today. But there’s also good news for the 170 stranded passengers: Another TUI plane is on its way from Brussels to pick them up in Rotterdam as they continue to fly to their destination. At about 3:00 p.m., five hours later than scheduled, they depart for Gran Canaria.

13:15 – An 11-year-old girl was abused in Dordrecht

Police in Dordrecht are calling for witnesses to come forward. It is about the abuse of an 11-year-old girl at Van Eesterenplein. The victim was assaulted more than a month ago, on 5 March, by a group of boys and two girls.

12:20 – Passengers are still stuck at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

It is still unclear when passengers can continue their journey to Gran Canaria. A spokesperson for Rotterdam The Hague Airport said it was up to TUI to determine how and when passengers could continue. The leak on the plane has not been fixed yet.

10:55 – Kerosene leaking plane

At Rotterdam The Hague airport, a flight to Gran Canaria was seriously delayed. Shortly before takeoff, the aircraft was found to have a fuel leak. It had 170 passengers on board. They are currently in the waiting area at the airport. According to the security zone, the situation is safe and efforts are being made to solve the problem. The TUI flight was scheduled to depart at 10:15 a.m.

10:15 – Nine suspects arrested for money laundering

The police financial investigation had arrested nine people. The suspects’ ages ranged between 37 and 66 years. They are suspected of money laundering. They could have tampered with the criminals’ money. Four suspects are currently in detention. The main suspect is a 54-year-old man from Spijkenisse. His house was searched.

10:10 – Firefighters trained around Dordrecht and Zwijndrecht

09:55 – Suspected that he was driving after hitting him

A cyclist was hit by a car at Churchill Plain in the center of Rotterdam last night. After the collision, the driver of the car fled. After an investigation, the police found a damaged car in Arkell, near Gorinchem. The owner of the car has been arrested. Concerning a man from Almería. The victim has been examined in hospital and is doing well under these conditions.

08:30 – Fire in Schiedam was around the roof

Firefighters pack up. Calendstraat fire under control. According to a spokesman for the security zone, the fire started on or around the roof. How this could happen is not clear. At the moment, the company’s employees cannot go back inside.

07:50 – Fire in the commercial building of Schiedam

On Kallandstraat in Schiedam, a fire broke out in a commercial building. All employees have been directed abroad. No one is hurt. Firefighters are busy putting out the flames.

07:30 – More illegal prostitution in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, last year the number of times the municipality had to intervene in illegal prostitution doubled. has sorted this out. In 2020, 23 buildings were closed and five sanctions were imposed. A year later, those numbers doubled. Municipalities have had a greater role in illegal sex work due to the Corona crisis. During the crisis, brothels had to close their doors and there were few opportunities for sex work.

06:15 – Abandoned children in Vlardingen

Vlardingen police found two neglected children in a house. The officers went to take care of the children’s report crying they came. The house was poorly maintained and the children were poorly taken care of. The children were taken out of the house.

06:10 – Man arrested for shooting Spijkenisse

Shots were fired in the parking lot of the Heemraadlaan metro station in Spijkenisse on Wednesday evening. Based on a description given by eyewitnesses, the police arrested a man nearby. It is still not clear what exactly happened. There were many men and many cars in the parking lot.

The men allegedly got into an argument. At least one shot could have been fired. As far as is known, no one was hurt.

Investigation after the shooting in Spijkenisse
Investigation after the shooting in Spijkenisse © Media TV

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