Lil Kleine Is No Longer Welcome To Ziggo Dome Tino Martin Show: ‘It’s Over’ Show

videoTino Martin no longer wants to work with Lil Klein now that the artist is suspected of assaulting his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss. The rapper will be a guest at Martin’s concerts at the Ziggo Dome in May for the duo chat to sing, but is no longer welcome. ‘Stay away from women’, Tino says today with Matti Falk and Mariki Elsenga on Qmusic.

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02-18-22, 09:47

Tino came to this decision when he saw the photos that appeared on juiceYvonne Coldfiger Channel. Jurick Schulten, as the rapper is really called, seems to pull his girlfriend out of the car by her hair and stick her head between the door. ,, I was watching with my girlfriend and saying: What a dick. “You can’t get around that,” Tino said.

It is now over for the singer. “I’ll be clear about it. I learned at home: You can’t touch women. I was raised by three women, two sisters and my mother. They rammed that with me, that’s really I do not go† This can not be. ”

According to Martin, there are “only losers” in this case. †[Jorik] He can’t control himself [Jaimie] It’s not fun either, it’s not fun for a kid,” he pointed out to Lío (3), son of Lil Kleine and Vaes.

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‘benefit of the doubt’

The duet of Tino and Lil Klein was released last year, a few months after the rapper was arrested in Ibiza for allegedly assaulting Jimmy Weiss at their hotel. The case was eventually dropped, but Tino said he was sometimes asked why he released another song with Lil Klein. He now admits he gave his colleague “the benefit of the doubt”.

This record was ready, and I thought this record was really cool, and I was so proud of that record,” Tino explains. , I also came up with it pretty much myself, the order and also part of the text. When it happened in Ibiza, we put the song in the fridge with the management for another three months. Because I wanted to see what would happen.”


A month later I saw them walking hand in hand on the beach in Dubai, accepting and happy with life. Then I thought: This record can appear

Tino Martin

In the end, Lil Klein was not prosecuted. ‘In anticipation, it turns out that both Jurek and Jimmy said, ‘It’s gone very differently, it’s and is still common and nothing is ever right’, Tino points to a joint statement from the couple. “A month later I saw them walking hand in hand on the beach in Dubai, kissing and going through life happily. Then I thought: This record could come out. Then it just ended. I kind of gave him the edge of the doubt at the time.”

The Public Prosecution Department is free of charge on appeal

Lil Klein was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of assault and/or assault, two days after a judge sentenced him to 120 hours of community service for kicking a man in a nightclub. Now he had abused his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss. The investigation is still ongoing, with the rapper awaiting release on Wednesday. The Public Prosecution has appealed this release.

After the news of the arrest, the youth channel FunX announced that it will not be playing music from the artist for the time being. Streaming platform Spotify has removed its songs from aggregated playlists and drinks brand Fiorito has permanently discontinued cooperation.

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