Kossmanndejong designs a city forum for all the animals and plants of the city

Today, the Amsterdam-Almere Pavilion The Sound of Urban Nature at Floriade Expo 2022 opens to the public. The metropolitan area of ​​Amsterdam and Almeria has trillions of inhabitants: people, animals, plants, trees and microbes. How do we arrange our cities in such a way as to provide the necessities of life for all these inhabitants?

In The Voice of Urban Nature, everyone gets a voice in a lively garden full of encounters. Hackers W, de Onkruidenier, Joost Emmerik and Kossmanndejong designed The Voice of Urban Nature together. The pavilion, the garden and the gallery are designed as a multi-layered, spatial narrative. Buildings, nature and the story of the pavilion are one.

urban activity

More and more people are building and living in the city, while heat stress and climate change continue to add pressure. All kinds of nature-related initiatives in the city are campaigning against these changes. Painter Paul Vassen painted humorous portraits depicting the coexistence of all Amsterdammers and the Almere. As a visual statement, it radiates just as instantaneously as the countless messages that fly around your ears in the city. People and animals tell their story – their sayings are hand painted right on the wing. You see a heron telling where to get his lunch and a dead tree showing him coming to life.

Amazing Views

If we want to understand nature, we must listen to it. Visitors wander through six thematic gardens and are stimulated each time by amazing perspectives. Audio interviews with inspiring people and non-people from Amsterdam and Almere show how you, too, can commit to an inclusive future for nature. From nature optimists, city tree planters and physical choreographers to a young boy searching for weeds among paving stones: they all make the city greener. This enthusiasm is contagious and challenges you to contribute.

“It has been a wonderful adventure for all involved in the project to give that nature a voice, to make it negotiable and also to shape it.”

Hermann Kossmann, Co-Founder Kossmanndejong

cross pollination

The collaboration between the municipalities of Amsterdam, Almere, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Avanti, architects, animators, sound-makers, painters and builders involved a special vaccination. Everyone’s contribution resulted in a polyphonic narration in which all the parts are in harmony with each other. From costumes to audio stories, from plants to billboards.


The building is entirely bio-based, with wood from the old galleries of the Rijksmuseum and a VOC ship. The walls are made of lime hemp and after the Floriade the pavilion will be moved and reused partly in Almere and partly in Amsterdam. At the end of the life of the modular building elements, all parts of the pavilion are biodegradable. The exhibition invites visitors to search for a new relationship between man and nature.

Kossmanndejong also developed the Floriade School Garden concept with landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw for the municipalities of Amsterdam and Almere. Kossmanndejong is committed to climate awareness by actively researching projects that contribute to it, such as Coral Triangle Center (2014), Eden (2020), Groote Museum Artis (2022), Nature in Stapferhaus (2022) and our own project. Growth (2022).


From 14 April to 9 October 2022, Almere will be the stage for the Floriade Expo 2022. Dutch Horticulture will then present innovations and solutions for sustainable and livable cities together with local and international partners. The theme of ‘Green Cities Development’ is central to the 60-hectare site.


  • The municipalities of Amsterdam and Almere – the client
  • Violators w- Architect
  • Kossmanndejong – Design and Technical Guidance
  • Onkruidenier – Landscape Architect
  • Joost Emmerik – Landscape Architect
  • Paul Castelen – gardener
  • Al-Khayal Factory – Building and Materials Research
  • Paul Vassin – painter
  • Bs Wave – Animation
  • Jesper Buursink and Dija Kabba – Audio guide
  • Jonas Leopold – sound engineer
  • Pakhuis de Zwijger and Avanti Almere – Programming “We Make the City Green”

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