“Johnson’s flexible relationship with truth turns Partigate into a constitutional crisis” – Scientist

Boris Johnson wrote the first prime minister who was fined during his presidency, writes Lea van Beethoven. And he had assured the press and parliament that he had complied with the rules of closure during the Corona period, but he had attended a party, at least once.

His birthday party was organized by his wife who wanted to surprise him with a cake in the cabinet room. The prime minister was present less than ten minutes, but ten minutes was too much.

His birthday party was organized by his wife who wanted to surprise him with a cake in the cabinet room. The prime minister was present less than ten minutes, but ten minutes was too much. Johnson broke the rules he made. He also deceived Parliament. He assured the people’s representatives several times that he did not violate the law and that he was not aware of any parties and drinks. According to opponents, any government leader who does not follow the rules should resign. And one is totally lying. By staying seated, Johnson is confirming suspicions that not everyone is equal under the British rule of law. Politicians can ignore the laws of the average British citizen, and basic issues can be settled on seemingly the smallest variables. In the past, sects were divided over basic theological issues such as: Was the serpent in heaven able to speak? In London, the political equivalent of snake language is whether or not the head of government has deliberately lied to the House of Commons. Johnson’s future depends on an intentional term. If the Prime Minister deliberately deceives Parliament, he has no choice. Under the Ministerial Code of Conduct, he will be banned from Downing Street, and this is where Partigate gets really interesting. Johnson’s fluid relationship with reality has turned Partgate into a constitutional crisis. It strained the British Constitution. It tests the flexibility of the constitution and the functioning of the democratic system. A country like the United Kingdom, which does not have a written constitution against which ministerial abuses can be denounced, but rests on common law precedent and gentlemen’s agreements, can act effectively. Until he bumps into a government leader who tends to color outside the lines. Someone who cares little about “integrity, fairness, objectivity, accountability, transparency and leadership in the public interest,” Johnson wrote in the introduction to the Ministerial Code of Conduct, pledging “to restore the confidence of the British people. The British prime minister with a parliamentary majority is a strong person. Stronger than his peers in other European democracies.” He has executive, legislative and statutory power. The British Prime Minister can expand municipalities, national institutes, the police or put them on ventilators. He can give life or dissolve the Supreme Court. Johnson is not afraid to use his power in all of those areas. Since taking office in 2019, he has challenged the work of The national government Goes further in this than its predecessors Parliament rules have no answer to the Partigate They were not prepared for a prime minister with a forked tongue Some are pushing for a parliamentary inquiry into the nature of Johnson’s lies This is the minimum requirement, says Parliamentary correspondent for the station ITV News TV Robert Peston. If the Conservative Party retains a first prime minister in office without a thorough and public investigation of how it misled Parliament, “the accusation will stand that any party has a majority Great is nothing more than an elected dictatorship and a constitution is nothing.” , says Beston. “This is not a sliding scale. That is the low point.” Because if this scandal did anything, it exposed the holes in a system unprepared for unpredictable circumstances and unconventional government leaders. It revealed the weakness of a building that does not have a codified constitution, but relies on controls in the form of ancient customs and traditions. As for Boris Johnson, he will continue as if nothing had happened. This is also an old custom.

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