Gigi creates sustainable and fashionable clothing: ‘Lazy fashion is very important to me’

After exhaustion, Gigi, 25, quit her babysitting job to do what makes her truly happy: designing and creating sustainable clothing. She has now had her own company for nearly a year By.GiGi† It turned out to be the best choice ever: “I can put all my free time, energy, and creativity into this. It makes me so happy.”

business building

Gigi has always loved designing and sewing clothes. “Doing something creative is really my outlet. I always work with my hands, and that’s what I feel most comfortable with. From drawing to coloring books and card embroidering. I’m a bit of a novelty in this regard. My husband always finds that very special, but that’s who I am now.” ‘, she laughs. When she spent six months at home suffering from exhaustion, she realized she was no longer happy with her childcare job. She wanted to do something with her hobby, but she wasn’t sure. She had a page on Instagram for a year where she posted pictures of her creations. As a result, I gained more and more access: “People asked if I wanted to make something for them, for example. Then I quit my job to focus on this.”

“Then I had to make it happen. I already had plans. I wanted to release a collection, create an online store, and keep Instagram updated.” Gigi does not see himself as the best entrepreneur, but he always has a lot of ideas. “This way I make sure that something always comes up and works, and sometimes doesn’t work either. That is the whole idea of ​​entrepreneurship. Try it and go crazy and then create something new. It’s now 1 year and my web store is online and I get a lot custom orders through Instagram. ”

custom orders

Whether you see pants that don’t fit well or you need a dress for a party, Gigi makes it up custom orders Excuse me. “This year I wanted to have a task with a certain load, like a wedding dress or a beautiful evening dress. Soon I will be able to make a wedding dress for someone. I really like it, it really is a dream job.” Gigi boasts two creations: “A while ago, I made a ball gown out of IKEA curtains. It really worked the way I saw it in my head. It makes me so happy afterwards.” And the other design literally moved from her home studio to the other side of the world: “I was commissioned via TikTok to make a christening dress for a girl in Australia. Then I made a new dress out of three old mother’s dresses for prom. It was an eye-catching dress. It was Lots of work, but it turned out to be really cool. A really special project.”

The best-selling item from her collection is the wide leg pants. “I’ve noticed that those pants never fit me, because I have long legs. I thought it was very annoying. I thought maybe more people would have these and I could customize them very easily. I’ve already sold a number of them and they still sell well.”

sustainable clothing

Gigi makes everything from sustainable materials: “I think slow fashion is very important. Look, I’m quick to fall in love with it myself, and for cheap bargains, but if you delve deeper beyond those clothes, it’s an incredibly unfair and polluted process. The important thing is that you are upfront about the process behind the dress and the materials I’m using.I only work with sustainable materials or leftovers, which I then process into accessories, for example.This gives you fair wear and that’s what I think is very important to him. By.GiGi

However, sustainable materials have a different price: “This also makes the prices of my products more expensive. I also always look for materials that comply with certain quality labels. You can also buy the first fabric that is paid in front of you, but if that does not suit my work, then do not It’s okay. I’m strict about it. If you find it, that’s fine Satisfying

private studio

She is currently working on designs for her Spring/Summer collection and minor additions to the existing collection. She draws inspiration from everywhere. For example, if she is walking in a city and sees a certain color group in the buildings. “It’s a process going on in my head almost non-stop. I often make plans in my mind.” She also has a lot of plans for her company, such as replacing her home studio with a real studio. “This makes my job easier. I think then I can get more inspiration and motivation because I have my own environment. Now I have to set everything up and take it down.”

She dreams that her products from her online store will be produced by the staff. “Currently I make a piece of clothing after it is ordered from the online store. I want to keep the process that way, but ultimately I want to deliver it if the online store is doing well. Then I can focus on the designs and more dresses or exclusives. For weddings and parties. I like it very much.” When this will happen, she doesn’t yet know: “But I have it in my head, so it’s going to happen,” she laughs.

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