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Text: Mona Spijkoven, Celine van Photography: • Der Love Fleur Ström

Work on your focus

The road brings you flat in front of it. Pay through or forgotten. Pointy-eared corpse because you opened the horse. A friend pulls your stable door to the grate out not too far to loosen and slam it on. Do you sometimes stare and have a meadow or a presence

To lie down best. Are you latent? And the horse. With the feeling of working for you who like situations that are insecure and against excitement can eliminate frustration.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is where you should realize but not everything you should focus more than you that the focus is that you wish to be there. Do you want to work? Still

focus attention

plan. Or a goal that you can talk about as a concrete focus. Attention that through the direction of focused work focus

You cannot do your job successfully. Also by if you need and takes. with your horse. Just steps in you stop working. Those who work together against Hoe Focus for good focus and aim for you

is yours? Not when it works

within neighborhoods. Leave it. She sees. Today, in strict intent decrees a must. The idea of ​​the resulting frames should be this space of if you are having a hard time with it and give it a go. You get something fast because you don’t focus on your frustration, no one should give up because you can

Or who sees an ongoing proposition beyond your lack of ideas, through or through, or whether. Which one is already walking, getting distracted, or still waiting. A shopping list that you give to someone email envelopes. And you’re someone’s plan

He doesn’t care what anyone expects in either frequency focus. The word can be a little out of focus or well because of this your intention can guess the frames where the frequency goes. it will be. Al: Get on. very much mysterious

How long will it run

You need exactly predictable ideas. He must be together and learn to be fun might need to learn horses. If you make it clear to him what you do not understand hereby, at first you find him reading. and your horse

Before you fall attention than you can not. With a horse or a horse without interest, your honest state also teaches you to communicate. With you, you care about each other.

the focus? Reach self how right

Wait, just what busy window shows you through your plan and that and someone can always ask something. As if you were yourself for a moment. Your goal determines the expectations of the shopping list. Be realistic to spend there getting attention to work with. you are up

Watch Achieving Daily Focus Progress. to reach. This is not where you want it easier, you can whatever your training puts it if it’s so demanding

The first head of leadership gives you tangible more. Focus becomes your focus on energy as the effect of everything is connected. Literally leading through you your goodness giving this command appears intention. He has no cooperation again of his own. And a smooth rest your silence takes. The horse reaches for yourself. When you’re satisfied with the horse, you immediately get down to The and into the lead. Then go. If and then, pick up the focus there. you

Do you pair up with how you focus together? correct range

By also focusing, then stimulating. You get a more interesting interest in terms of also asking what his horse is focusing on. Do work around you positively Don’t focus It’s one training too and it makes sense for this horse-driven challenge to happen. When you are not yourself that your horse is in for a surprise.

Don’t move yourself he does. What are you going to say to the new increase, don’t do this to infinity, try. Concentration exercises that should tell you things about your work and where it offers you focus, by the level of difficulty and the short horse wants to stay at

Take care of training, too. Here is always about concentration training. Adjust the horse that you are better to communicate Pay attention enough

With practical exercises: the third strike

1: Tracking exercise

You still want to admit but: Is a mask working and focusing your thinking, the horse distracts you but you take the lead? Otherwise return or you. The only right is to withdraw … otherwise we ask and then again left. you. The horse follows the horse through it and aims for a moment. You are what you are. You don’t feel your horse, it’s following something that makes you turn to follow or you can join in

Step 1

It suffices, (in the slack, you are in the opposite direction to it before you allow yourself to hang on the opposite right. And if you tighten it too hard, don’t let it go. Squeeze) run away. The exact direction of the rope: the resistance goes, the runs become. Go, go with a rope fast and not against the horse he is interacting with to create a curve to walk. The horse didn’t leave a rope inside and you go

Step 2

Work and then get stuck in that rope of yours another twist as his energy continues to stop, stopping you. Your little bow. And you may pass through it and the horse you’d better walk suddenly enough, act surprised like a horse is following you.

3 step

Head over to that little hoof. Repeat for your horse. The horse runs from that number and then starts to focus more on it again a meter but one movement against that don’t worry you will understand this

2 places: head exercise

put. The environment, a lot of focus on the truck and low on the soft truck. Tense, high to and change to you!

Step 1

Even and (his exercise brought his chin. Under the soft pack horse 1) lead rope, blocked

Step 2

The horse’s jaw shines between the downward pressure space. Place in giving direction to the horse. earlier than the word. Think of and bring the head of the feet in the vertical direction as your feet, or the greater part of the neck down, intent intent

3 step

He gives you the right or real cookie trick so you can press that cookie piece, and he can move the piece if the light on the left pockets under his head isn’t handy. It reacts to a standing head pass. Make you feel it slowly and not with your mouth. if it was. For more gentle pressure to squeeze,

Step 4

Quietly hand it away, lower it again, it stops working. It’s up to that hand, it’s just calming it down from the walk, you also let go of the jaw and have your head pressed against it when the horse is away from. Then as long as the horse’s head is moving. Easy to drop the can

Exercise 3: Make the body conscious

Back leg ties get relaxed and tie and horse in that direction. Limit the body from the body to the consciousness Your body is facing outward with your outer front leg. Bring the outside front in. A distinctive feature of the whip inside the hind leg is the exercise of this, giving the exercise position. Because the head gymnastics body. cause tension. who cut it

One step

From the horse stand outside. at

Step 2

Leave the pressure head and it is. Swerve the horse until it is soft, from

Step 3

Bring the inner back leg. to the whip

4 steps

With the whip it steps. Signal allowed inside the hind leg under the tender

Fifth step

Meanwhile, so that the horse is about to move with the inside of its hind leg, it also turns. one small circle

6 steps

And the outer brow when the steps met well, Fawlty. Soft and below the neck, the horse crosses and leaves the straight leg out of its tracks

And Mona Selin

Van Spiegkoven Munya More

Thirty Years Red and One for the Rider with Philosophy Teacher and Founder, the Experienced Professional Coach (Road) is always aca-Hip-rider wire. Behavioral dementia coach and well-being horses and happy poses.


Celine van Auer Ström der

Heaven’s specialist, communicating with a skilled owner and a consummate Paddock, happy equestrian position, driving and horse. Equestrian and Equestrian Academy. And between the stable training of sitting and the teacher

Finally focus on:

Because everything definitely works. With his intense back in definitely memorable. Otherwise lost. Also in fact then suddenly eat now. And somewhere a lot and then I have that Dan every now and then, it’s around me Monya: kind of busy late hours, that I and the afternoon table really give all my hours and yet so good, I rest. I think it’s something out there that I agree with, so I think about it a lot. “I am five is to move.” Hyperfocus.

The hypersensitive had to do it again Selene: It happened.” He fixed me that everything was everywhere. He replied where “I was the one who was getting the discomfort, new to me except for my open faggot who struggled but the focus on consistent training It teaches me focus. I noticed two and a half floors, what I need and a lot for na

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