Doing Kids Activities for Easter 2022 (8 Tips!)

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April 13, 2022
tourism rural Hunting for birds in the forest, looking for dinosaurs or making an Easter wand: you can do all this with the kids during Easter! DagjeWeg.NL puts the best Children’s activities during Easter in a row. Including Easter brunch among the monkeys.

Picture 1. I’m not looking for eggs but for birds during Easter! An adventurous journey through the wilderness for kids. Photo: bird house

Make an Easter wand and decorate eggs

Rotterdam – Visit the Super Street at Wereldmuseum, where a different culture hides behind every door! Kids can really knock on the door of the locals on this museum street and glimpse their lives. Very interesting, because you do not see in advance what is happening behind the door. In addition, they can Easter Monday and Easter Monday Make an Easter wand and decorate Easter eggs between 12:00 and 16:00. Simply walk into the craft room if there is a place and join. Because coming home with an Easter wand and an Easter egg is of course so cute.

Easter in the castle

Dornberg There is always something to do in Fort Pannerden and this is especially true of Easter Monday and Easter Monday† Then additional anti-aircraft vehicles appeared on the grounds of the fortress and the soldiers there. They like to tell you how it all works. You can come and see this special air defense equipment for free and then follow the experience route – also free – through the rugged nature around the fort. Do the missions and try to find the traces of the beavers and Goshen. Visiting the fort is not free but it is very interesting because there is a lot of action. Embark on an exciting treasure hunt, escape the escape room, listen to castle stories and learn how to fire the biggest cannon in the castle.

Easter lunch among the monkeys

Apeldoorn – employment First Easter You can eat Easter brunch in a very special place: among the Apenheul monkeys. At De Apegaap, sandwiches, croissants, sugar bread, freshly squeezed orange juice, muesli and of course eggs of all shapes and sizes await. Kids don’t have to sit quietly on a chair, they can search for eggs in the monkeys’ playground! Breakfast is from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, after which you are the first to enter the park! There are still places, but be quick to book!

Easter with the King

SCHCHIVELD – Have you ever wondered how the King actually celebrates Easter? And what tracking techniques does the Easter Bunny use to count and find Easter eggs? That’s all possible Easter Monday During De Koning’s celebration of Easter: an exciting about an hour tour where all sorts of things happen. You will learn how to salute the king, best egg hunting techniques, and get brave training from dragon knight. After meeting the King, there is still plenty of time to count the Easter eggs hidden in the courtyard of the King’s historic residence: De Schinvelderhoeve.

Barefoot hunting for hares

Bronsem It gradually gets warm enough to walk barefoot through nature, so Barefoot Park in Bronsum is open. Pull Easter Sunday and Easter Monday Take off your shoes and socks and come here to find bunnies hiding along the road barefoot. You can mark every bunny you find on your bingo card. Who saw all the rabbits for the first time? In the beginning, children also receive an egg carton to put beautiful things from nature for more fun at home. And then there are large eggs that are ready to be painted. You can also combine these activities with a delicious Easter brunch, so what more could you want? Book in advance!

Among the dinosaurs

nowin – Have you already eaten Easter brunch at home and hunted for Easter eggs, and do you want to do something completely different afterwards? Then go to the animal kingdom. A beautiful zoo where from April 15 you can see not only zoo animals up close, but also meet dinosaurs. They hover over other animals, move and can roar terrifyingly. Then forget the Easter Bunny! Children can continue their journey with the mascot Pico. He and his caretakers explain how animals travel around the world. And during feed presentations, you have a better view of the animals.

Find birds on Birdroute

Demon There is a birding path for children in Diemberbus. Here they are not looking for eggs but for metal birds! In the tasting room (mmmm, specialty beer) at the departure point they can pick up a bag with some goodies and a nicely drawn road map. You can’t book that, but there’s plenty for everyone too Both days of Easter† Then go for a walk along the bushes, trees, reeds and water! Pay more attention to the road posts, because there might be a cute metallic bird hiding there. Kids who also want to spot real birds where the spring song can be heard everywhere, can borrow binoculars from the bag. On the roadmap they can see which birds live, where and what they look like. Found all metal birds? Then the little nature lovers were awarded a real bird diploma with a medal! And they can keep the bag too. You go home with radiant faces.

Find digital eggs in your area

at home Do you like to stay at home with the kids, but don’t want to hide the Easter eggs by yourself? Then play the outdoor game Help the Easter Bunny! From TB Events. With this you can search for digital Easter eggs with children, only in your area. The untidy Easter bunny seems to have lost eggs in every nook and cranny, so he desperately needs help getting them back to his basket. While searching, you will also receive all kinds of fun tasks via the app. You can bet kids are getting more and more intolerant the more eggs they discover. W: You can already play the game Easy and fast ordering for only 5 euros

Photo 2. A special visit to Fort Pannerden during the Easter holidays. Photo: Fort Pannerden © Jolande van den Bos

Photo 3. Lunch among the monkeys at Apenheul. Photo: Apenheul

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