Bird Show Jorit Alta – ‘You have to make sure the horse enjoys it too’

“I don’t really like a nine-to-five desk job. I’ve done something else for a year and a half, but I missed jumping. When the vacancy for Luimstra stable appeared, I immediately picked up the phone. I have thirteen horses under the saddle here, and there are also many horses The little one is here.The owner Joop (Luimstra – ed.) gives me space to learn and grow.It also leaves me the freedom to make my own decisions.

I can do something and be outside every day. During the matches I met new people. The adrenaline in the jump and the feeling that it should be going properly. I don’t see myself having fun anytime soon. Having been out of the house, I know better that this is what I want to do. I also didn’t want to put it off any longer. I’m 26 now and I have to work hard.”

Dutch Championships

“I can now go to the Dutch Championships in Ermelo Bjelin” Loymistra “on March 26. All the horses performed very well. The horse of the highest level made one mistake during the competition, but that was really my fault. She couldn’t do anything about it. With her, I’ve now also come to a higher class as a rider. I was very happy with that, because I’ve never ridden this class myself. It’s the top league for national competitions. The goal, of course, is to win. The horses and I are going to train and train hard for this.

You can really compare it to the best sports. Because I do it so often, my body is used to it now. The better your stamina, the easier it will be, of course. In addition to physical exertion, it is also a mental challenge because driving is also

It requires good hand and foot coordination. Many people consider this a stable profession, but this is not actually the case. If you look at it this way, a cyclist sits all day, right?! “

no favourite

“I don’t have a favourite,” laughs Jorit. “Everyone asks me that, but I really like them all. There is no horse here that I am not friends with. They each have their own character and I know them all.”

Jorit believes it is important for horses to be happy in their box. “I often see how they feel. I prefer to see them hanging out with their heads out of the box all day. If they don’t, something might be wrong and it’s important to keep a close eye on it. While riding you have to make sure the horse is enjoying it too.”

If I can’t solve it with the horse, it does something to me. And if all goes really well, I can become very happy. I am very happy that everything is going well and the horse is doing its best. And if we also get a higher category, I think: Yes, that’s what we do for him! “

How do you train a horse?

“I love the process of teaching a horse to reach a higher level and present it well for its new owner. I feel very happy when others say, “Your riding is so nice!” This has always been my main goal. Now I want to see if I can achieve a higher level in the sport myself” .

Jorit explains how the training works. “Training a horse is a very gradual process. It’s important not to skip lessons. It starts simply with a practice of walking, trotting, and trotting. If they can do that a little bit, I’ll move on. Show jumpers are bred to jump, so they must have the ‘mind’ to jump.” Over any obstacle.Some don’t really want it the first time and then it gets more difficult.In such a case I start first with a ball on the ground and slowly advance to the obstacle.This gives the horse a chance to get stronger.

Often you need a different approach with each horse. She had a great fight with the horse she had ridden at the highest level. I was really shocked at first and was terrified. It takes a lot of time and you have to be patient.”

I love my Luimstra horses!

“Most horses go to America, if you stay in Holland, something is wrong,” says Jorit. He believes it is important for horses to get a good place and be well looked after. People in America often have more to spend and a lot of money to get a good horse. I recently received a message from a lady: “I love Luimstra horses!” It always goes well with the horses sold so I have no problem with that. Of course I find it a pity sometimes that we sell one of the best horses, but I know there are also a lot of beautiful things to come. As long as new horses are added, the rest will be forgotten.”

Pony iPhone

Jorit gets excited when he talks about his first experiences. “I will never forget my first pony, Yvonne!” “I really started with her and we both participated in the Dutch championships at that time. I remember someone wanted to buy it from me, so I said, ‘You won’t get it, not for a million! She stayed with me until she passed away two years ago.’”

“For me it’s about the connection you have with each other. Sometimes a horse in the crate follows me, all the way to the crate, without me holding it. It’s a game of being able to read, feel, and ride. It comes with that. And a horse can read you too, so you have to keep Balance with each other. When you spend time together, you know what you get from each other. You two should just be really friends.”

calm transmission

“How you also get is a big difference. For example, if I am angry with myself, I may take off work for the rest of the day, because the horses notice it immediately. Then there is a certain tension between me and the horse. But if I convey peace of mind, the horse also becomes calmer I think this is important and I want to grow in it more. You learn it by doing, by feeling and talent. You can’t learn this in books.

My dream is to start my own stable, with slightly fewer horses than here. I also want to drive longer in America and take part in the Sunshine Tour in Spain. It’s not possible yet, but these are my dreams. But in the stables of Luimstra I have a beautiful place and I cannot leave it behind! “

Text and photos: Fimke Groenewoud

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