20 tweets about Hester Zetfast’s cute kids!

Hester Zetfast is a journalist, columnist, and enthusiastic Twitter user. In addition to striking opinion articles and beautiful interviews, she delights her followers with cute tweets about her children: a baby boy, ZijvanAcht and two teenagers.

1. They are incredibly curious.

2. Before they become teenagers, you have to take a lot.

3. Sometimes enthusiasm is hard to find…

4. Ugh!

5. But if they’re excited that’s the best thing ever.

6. And if you think that everything becomes easier with age …

7. …nope.

8. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

9. With this child came a lot of decisions …

10. There is still a lot to learn, too.

11. There is also a lot to learn with these children.

12. Hester is always there for them.

13. They do not have everything from a stranger.

14. You see, feed him with the spoon.

15. Haha.

16. Details.

17. Add dogs.

18. Go out with us all.

19. ️

20. And while it’s “not really cool” for the kids to admit, there is so much love in this family!

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