These are the biggest children’s clothing trends of 2022

This article was created in collaboration with H&M.

When you look at children’s fashion, you see a lot of similarities with adult fashion. At the same time, children’s fashion has become more fun and our children are becoming more special. They wear fashion in their own way, setting their own trends with plenty of room to experiment. For 2022 we see creative denim, pastel shades in special combinations and easy combinations. Comfort and fun are key and making responsible decisions comes naturally. Nosy? This is the latest fashion for kids for the coming year.

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1 / syrup syrup

Pastel shades prevail in the new children’s collection. Be it sneakers, coordinators, sweaters, jackets, bathing suits or hats; With a mix of soft pastel colors, your little one will jump into spring in style. Light green, but also bright orange or purple elements, like this cute summer dress with frills, make a great base for your new wardrobe. We see a lot of sweaters with sleeves in two different colours, asymmetrical color blocks and pastel-hued elements in the tie-dye formula. Let your child choose and make combinations early in the morning. Fun exercise in self-expression.

girl in jeans


The boy in the denim jacket


2 / pronounced denim

Were you already in love with ruined denim? Jeans are very frank in 2022. How about a different shade of blue per tube, jeans with checkered denim or patchwork jeans made with different cuts of denim? Then there are the fits (high-waisted, wide or wide), all kinds of lye, bleaching methods and lace-up dye techniques. In short: the ultimate in jeans fun! A little wider denim is a must in our opinion and we absolutely love these high rise wide jeans in different shades of denim.

Girls in a purple jogging suit


boy in jogging suit


3 / Comfortable coordinators

Running suits are not only a huge hit among adults. Kids can also choose the ultimate in comfort with a variety of ‘coordinators’ or relaxed groups. From all-over print bodysuits to two-piece sets with ruffles. From complete Disney + & chill collections and sports collections to more festive and elegant collections. No need to worry about what goes with what, with this without thinking Groups are always good for you. We discovered this set in green, a suit suitable for sports, but also for play.

Children playing with beautiful clothes


4 / Smart choices

As a parent, you want nothing more than to make the world a little better, with a sustainable future for your children. Making conscious choices in your lifestyle, as well as clothing is something you can give to your children from an early age, so that they can become role models for them. The conscious choice Items from H&M can help with that. For 2022, these are absolute trendsetters. Each of them are items to let kids discover their own style. Like this cool black denim jacket with hoodie for boys. It should come in handy over and over again. more sustainable, affordable and upfront; Play your style!

girl upside down on chair


5/ Fun above all

Forget pure, finely ironed and perfectly formatted; If there is one overarching tendency, it is that everything is possible and everything is permitted. Unleash the creativity of Mini Me! A rip here, a stain there? So what! The latest fashion for kids can do a thing and have fun above all else. Like this boys’ flannel shirt, perfect master piece In the children’s wardrobe. picture perfect We have been left behind for a long time. Do it your way!

girls in nursery


6 / nursery update

When the wardrobe is full, we also take a look at the rest of the nursery. Here we see many earthy colors and home accessories in the form of soft animal friends, and natural materials. We’re keeping an eye on this beige rug with gray dots. Enough fun to give kids’ room a fun update. This way, your child can completely withdraw into his own world in his room.

From denim to sherbet shades and chic suits, with the new children’s collection from H&M, kids can discover their own style in a playful way. Curious about H&M’s new children’s collection? Discover the new kids’ collection here, and the new H&M Home kids collection here.

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