Parents’ anger at the special education school: ‘The child was spitting out of fear’

Parents angry at the Leijpark educational center in Tilburg. According to them, the special education school does not care about the needs of their children. Bullying students are also given so much space that they make other kids anxious. Adopted grandmother Anya Remst is angry. “Last Wednesday, Boyd was so sick he couldn’t eat. He was spitting up out of fear and nervousness.” According to the school itself, they got a lot of appreciation from parents.

Drama and Terrible Time. Omroep Brabant has spoken to several parents who think things are wrong at OC Leijpark. Most people just want to tell their story anonymously to protect their children.

All parents admit that their children are not in a special education because of his sweaty feet: there is something special going on with the students. This is also the case with the eldest son of Renate Corticas. She had three children at OC Leijpark and took them from school last summer: that was enough. “Of course I understand that the school does not have expertise in all areas. But the individual needs of my child are not taken into account at all.”

Renate’s eldest son is autistic: “He has obsessive-compulsive disorder which prevents him from using tablets, laptops and the like. When he entered seventh grade, he suddenly had to start working with a digital agenda. But he couldn’t, he had to have a paper agenda. It was said. Lee: “We’re doing it that way here, and very prepared.”

Many parents give such examples. Mother: “Usually, when children were naughty, they had to sit in the hallway. At corona time, lessons were sometimes given in the hallway. But the children thought they had done something naughty because it was not communicated to them.”

Many parents also complain about communication by the school administration. Mother: My child had an accident on the playground on Friday afternoon, accidentally injuring another child. A meeting with the director will not follow until Monday. My kid was nervous all weekend.”

Diana Opens realizes that the school pays little attention to the needs of children. Her daughter attended school between 2015 and 2017, when it was still called Mytylschool: “My child came home exhausted, sometimes had to vomit because she was tired, because she constantly overstepped her bounds. She has fibromyalgia, a form of rheumatism, which always makes her suffer From pain and tired quickly.Because her illness went unrecognized, she was also bullied at school: They told her ‘You don’t belong here.’ Her self-image has been destroyed. My daughter is now trying to come to terms with her past of bullying through therapy.”

Boyd, the son of foster grandmother Anya Remst, also suffers from bullying. “He was booed about what he ate, what he looked like, how fat he was, and he certainly wasn’t feeling well. I reported this to the mentor almost every month. I went to the Education Inspectorate and the Compulsory Education Officer: I’m done.”

Many parents say their child is overtired or on edge. Boyd is on stress medication, “That’s crazy, isn’t it?” Anja replies. “But other than that a child can’t go to school, he’s not going to pull it off.”

According to a mother, there is a boy in the VMBO exam class who is causing a lot of problems: “He terrorizes everything, annoys and threatens other children. And the bomb went off on Sunday evening. My daughter came home and said it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. But she has to You go to school, otherwise you won’t be able to take the exam. We demanded that the boy be kept under constant surveillance to protect my daughter. I am very angry that this school will allow another child to do this to my child.”

Only the case of the “mouth cap” is known about OC Leijpark at the Education Inspectorate. “But we don’t think this is so widespread in the school that we should take action,” a spokesperson said. He’s not aware of the issues surrounding bullying: “But parents can inform us, and we’ll see if there’s a reason to take action.”

OC Leijpark says in response that it cannot comment on certain situations due to privacy. Director Harry Hawkin: “Obviously we are concerned if someone is unwell or if there are concerns and we will enter into a conversation. It is in our common interest to ensure that students feel comfortable and can receive a quality education.”

According to Hoekjen, OC Leijpark has an anti-bullying policy: “And we actively put this into practice. In general, the annual Social Safety Monitor shows that pupils feel socially safe, enjoy themselves in the classroom and are satisfied with the way we treat each other. Also That parental appreciation is very good.”

Most parents who have a child in OC Leijpark just want to talk about their problems anonymously because they are afraid. Because if you are not satisfied, you cannot just transfer your child to another school. There are very few special education schools. A parent: “When there is a conflict, the question arises: ‘Do you still believe in this school? “Otherwise you will not be welcome anymore. But then your child will end up at home and you don’t want that either.”

Rinat Kortekas transferred her children to another school: “My eldest daughter went up to school in four months. He now has peace and order. School should be a safe place and not in OC Leijpark.”

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