“In this little world out there, I belong”

Seven days a week, ten hours a day, she paints animals, flowers and plants. It’s no surprise that most of Marjoline Bastine’s favorites have to do with nature, which she admires so much.

Margot Paul

The day after her vaccination against the Corona virus, we are in Villa Veluwe with a view of the garden. Margoline Bastien (77): “Look, big tits looking for golden wasp larvae among a thatched roof. Nice huh. I’ve painted those big boobs perhaps a hundred times, on at least one of the five thousand watercolors drawn every week, without exception, Since 1980. dragonfly Understood.

This article did not start out promising otherwise. “Not even more interviews,” the painter initially wrote via email. I don’t want, I can’t, I don’t dare. I want to spend all the time I have left on drawing. Until she changed her mind a day later: ‘I’ve lived my whole life with, for, and with nature, and then don’t open the door when the doorbell rings. This is not allowed. When: After the first injection.

Its birds, flowers, plants, and other inhabitants of nature appear on calendars, cards, quilts, and tableware all over the world. But nature is never boring. “I don’t think I see more gorgeous nipple than you do, but to me it’s just beautiful no matter how many times I look at it. Then you have all the first times: I see my first bumblebee of the year, then I feel like I’m 4 again and I see it For the first time: I can enjoy it a lot.

School was hell, and her parents’ garden in Loenen aan de Vecht was heaven. I am somewhat shy and have always been afraid of doing everything wrong. When we took knitting lessons, I thought: I can’t do it, but I can’t show it, so I pretended I loved you with my arms under the table. Years later, when I got a contract with Hallmark to illustrate postcards, I occasionally had to give lectures in America; panic. “You love your job more than I do, I’m quitting and I’m going to help you,” my husband Gaston said early on. Now my son does all business contacts. The only thing I really like is the drawing, if I don’t do it for a couple of days I have to recalibrate again. I work seven days a week, ten hours a day. Well, with your lunch break, get out for a while. Whatever seems so important on the inside, is far away on the outside.

She believes friendship is not the right word for nature in her drawings. harmonious perhaps. ‘Next to the bramble there is a sheikh, in that greater the nests of a bird; Everything belongs together. Even if there were only a few dead leaves and twigs on the ground, there was still some kind of peace and balance in it. But even more than that, nature is a place to disappear. When I am alone and stand still, I no longer see myself as a human being; Then I became invisible to myself and everything around me. A little bird flies right in front of me, I hear and see things I would not have otherwise noticed; Massad. One falls in love with great horizons, the other falls in beautiful horizons; Everyone is looking for something in nature that appeals to them, but I am just a part of this very small world out there. There I hear. Beauty seems so silly these days, but it’s so beautiful around us. Stand still, squat. what do you see? what do you notice? Uncover it in detail, dust your eyes, see. I know it’s your family.


The sand dunes of Ameland

We have a house there, just like in Switzerland and America, but Ameland is a great place to hang out. I used to go to the dunes almost every week, right through shrubs and pollen. Hey, I thought, what’s under that sea-buckthorn-shells? Suddenly a large wooden cage flew, wings fluttering right in front of my face; This, to me, is a James Bond movie, very powerful. Beautiful Hagedoornveld Nature Reserve, Finnegatspad with bird hide. But these days, I can barely get within a hundred meters of the beach. I had two operations on my vertebrae, really disgusting. It’s all crouched behind my desk, isn’t it? But even when I was young and looked endlessly at the ledges at the gate of my parents’ garden, that I still dream about it at least once a year, I know that I can also experience nature on a square meter. If more doors were closed later, you wouldn’t notice it in my drawings.

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“Because it is everyone’s flower. Not so rare, I could also have mentioned a crested hyacinth or a wild delphinium, but chrysanthemums suit everyone. Sooner or later everyone gets into a sufficient garden. Even on phenolin Birds morning, an answering machine where listeners can record their observations of natural phenomena, people are happy to say: I saw my first daisy! If I paint something that everyone can find, it comes close to my goal: getting people to look, blink, and look again.

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Like me, it actually prefers to be in the background: in a pile of branches, in a bush. But then his song! Too hard! I hope to achieve this through my drawings. I do not believe in anything: neither in reincarnation nor in heaven. I think life is like a poppy: you grow up and the buds droop, they bend slowly, fall their brix and then: bam, four bright red petals and a gentle pollen of the boys in the air. And then it’s all full, you’ve finished flowering, beautiful leaves are falling and the wind is scattering seeds in all directions. This to me is death. I never felt like 77, I was going to keep drawing until I died and didn’t think about it anymore. Only since Corona did I think: How much time do I have left? One month, 22 years? All talk about the elderly and limited. I wish I could get rid of that ballast. But whenever that happened, the following year, little poppy flowers appeared everywhere. This is the beauty of my work: thanks to my drawings, there are still a lot of poppies.

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audio books

I listen while drawing, I have hundreds of them on the computer. Annejet van der Zijl, Kristin Hannah, Hella Haasse; I have influenced many books deeply. hill water boardBeautiful too. I always try to hide in nature, and I think the most beautiful is when it’s you hill water board is reading; You are a rabbit. If I had to reincarnate anyway, I’d like to go back to Ameland as a rabbit. Gnawing on the low grass, the evening sun on your skin, now and then your head in your neck with your eyes half closed. My only fear is that my computer will fail someday and that I will be, so called, the cloud? I can’t find it. I wish I had all my books here as a concrete post, but then I won’t read them again, nor give myself time for that.

the book

Winnie the Pooh

If I’m really a mess, and so nervous or scared that I can’t sleep, then Winnie the Pooh I’m back to my baseline. Not the movie, but the book, with Shepard’s original graphics, just black and white pencil scribbles that look like Pooh’s world. The cool thing about Pooh is that he’s a cloth bear with sawdust in his head, and with that shavings he thinks and feels. I often get nervous or insecure, but Bo is very liberating. †When you’re a very small-minded teddy bear, and you’re thinking about things, sometimes you find that what seems to be something very intense inside of you is completely different when it comes out in the open and makes other people look at it.

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Jack. P. Thijsse

with a point. I learned to stand still from him, except that he did it better. He searched for the speedwell, that beautiful blue flower, sat beside her in a hole and watched hourly what happened to the stamens and pistils and the insect visitors. Just watch very quietly, and then suddenly it takes value. Then you understand how beautifully everything works. He described it beautifully and unwisely. Many people resented him for going to work for the general public and creating Verkade albums, just as I did when dragonfly Went to work were not. But it meant a lot to a lot of people. Nature has been painted for centuries by entomologists such as Maria Sibylla Merian, who went to Suriname, but Jacques first told about it. P. Thijsse is fantastic.

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radio show

Birds morning

I love that people can dig into it. I am impressed every week. On the other hand, all that knowledge takes away from opening up a bit. You cannot detect anything unless it is already described, or someone says we must be careful not to lose this plant or bird because it is endangered; We know a lot. If I see a bee now, I am afraid I will not immediately know what kind of bumblebee is, and then I will have to get the bee table again; Yes, he has a red donkey, maybe a bumblebee or a meadow bee. I am more aware that everything should be fine. When I draw a butterfly, I think: Remember, everyone should see that it’s real and that I haven’t shared it a bit.

TV program

Hairy drivers

I don’t allow myself to watch TV, only in bed at night when work is done. Until then, I’d like a new picture of how the world works; Even when relaxed, there’s still some benefit, I guess: then it grows. We already have Netflix, but then you have to watch an entire series again. What Gaston and I happened to discover recently is Hairy drivers† A culinary travel program on 24Kitchen from two Scots taking the most beautiful trips around the world. They visit old family vineyards, show where the tastiest tomatoes come from, how meat is prepared. In their way of cooking: go for a walk with something from the local butcher, light a fire, pick up some rosemary somewhere and just talk and argue; smile at . Every now and then we fall into it, great. Then we travel again.


Dirk van Gelder

“His work breathes nature and the scent of the earth. outside is close It is one of his favorite books, I have owned it for over forty years. He also painted beautiful landscapes, sky and clouds, but his best works are drawings of something on or near the earth. He can beautifully throw a dead bird. I’ll draw it too, but it doesn’t fit well dragonfly† Yesterday I was walking through the woods when suddenly I saw a butterfly wing on a piece of dry leaves. See, there is a bird that has eaten a white cabbage, I suppose, and then one of the wings has fallen off; As beautiful as a book has been written. But when I showed it to dragonflythey asked for the first time in 45 years if I had anything happier.

An exhibition of Marjolin Basten’s work opened on October 16 at the Dutch Court Museum in Otterlo.

Biography of Marjoline Bastine

June 16, 1943 He was born in Loenen aan de Vecht. Her father, John Henry of Den Bogard, is an author swiebertje

1960 Academy of Visual Arts in Arnhem

1965 He works as an illustrator for various advertising agencies, magazines and publishers

1974 Explains stories as a freelancer dragonfly

1980 Department of static nature in dragonfly

1981 Marjoline Bastien’s First Agenda

1987 first book small world

1992 Contract with the postcard giant Hallmark of America

2004 Recipient of the Dutch Lion Medal

Marjoline is married to Gaston Bastine and they have two children: Sana (1973) and Misha (1974).

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