Finn is a volunteer at the animal shelter in Amersfoort: ‘You have to be able to handle a little dirt’

This week we were allowed to take a look at where Finn van der Laan worked. He has been working at the Animal Protection Center in Amersfoort for three years as a volunteer at the cat shelter. “I’m really excited about it, even though I clean mostly,” says Finn.

When Finn changed his job, he took a part-time position so he could make time for volunteer work. “A friend of mine accompanied me to a shelter in Zest. Because of his stories, I also started as a volunteer.” Finn can be found at the shelter in Amersfoort every Wednesday. “I clean cat houses, but while cleaning you have enough time to play with the critters a bit. I enjoy doing it so much that I will be doing it for a while.”

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cat shelter

The cats at the shelter have their own living space that many students would like to enroll in. “They have more scratching posts and toys than most cats can dream of. Each cat has their own balcony, so they can get fresh air if they want to.” Before starting the service you will receive an explanation about the animals as a volunteer. “They always tell us about new arrivals, which cats have been adopted and which animals need more attention, or not.” So as a volunteer you will never be surprised. “Sometimes the cat still rushes, but that’s the danger of the profession.”

rehabilitation path

What makes Finn’s volunteer work so special is the gratitude from the animals. “You see some creatures coming in anxiously. Unsafe, abusive cats who are on the street or taken from the house. Then you see how that cat calms down and becomes more and more slowly. When they find a new home, it is sometimes hard to say goodbye. But you know that such a cat will have a better future.” I contributed to that.”

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Jiggs and the alley

Finn also hunts down his extreme attachment to creatures. “After your shift, you have plenty of time to cuddle with the animals. The gray male is called Gijs and he’s my favorite at the moment. He loves people and is always standing in front of the window watching what he’s going through. The red one is called Alley, and she’s very present and wants nothing more than to itch.” As a volunteer, you must be able to keep a certain distance from the animals. “Otherwise, saying goodbye would be very difficult.”

Gijs and Alley can still be certified! Visit the Animal Shelter website for more information.

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Facebook group

A Facebook group has been created for all adopted animals. “Some of the new owners are very active and send a lot of pictures of their pets in their new environment. Really cool to see.” Volunteers love to hear about the animals he has cared for. “I sometimes hear from someone that someone took a cat from the shelter. Then I know right away which cat they adopted.”

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Need more volunteers

The summer season is upon us. What many people don’t realize is that more animals are coming to the center of conservation as a result. “Usually we have about five or six volunteers, and now there are only two or three. In the summer the shelter is always full with kittens and existing kittens. Then we can use all the help that is.” Are you interested in registering as a volunteer? Then take your chance now!

“A lot of basic things are taught here. It is good to have a cat, a dog or a rodent.” There are many different volunteer jobs. From walking dogs to taking care of rabbits and rodents. “You have to be able to handle the filth a little bit. The cats are so cute, so get everything out.”

vaccinate your animal

Did you know that many pets are not vaccinated enough? Only 55 percent of dogs, 24 percent of cats, and 16 percent of rabbits received all vaccinations. “Even if your pet never goes outside, you can accidentally bring a potentially fatal virus into the home,” says Carmen Silos, an animal protection spokeswoman. “All you have to do is stand in the wrong place or pet an injured cat and you could put your pet at risk.” This is why Animal Protection started an awareness campaign to vaccinate more pets. “This can be done at any vet. By providing the correct vaccinations for your pet, you prevent him from becoming unnecessary and unable to infect other animals or his owner. So, vaccinate your dog, cat or rabbit. The four legs, but also for the other pets and yourself!”

More information can be found on the Animal Protection website.

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