Figo Darswiel’s son Nadam won the free jump with 9 strength

Earlier this month, Nadam (Vigo d’Arsouilles x Dakar VDL) became the overall champion in the three- and four-year-old showjumpers competition in Nice. The overall reserve champion title went to Ostuni (Poker de Mariposa x Bernini). “We’ve seen long-striped, large-framed horses with good jumping technique. We enjoyed them,” said Willem Gref, who judged the horses with Floris van Leeuken.

Jury members Willem Gref and Floris van Loken had to judge 38 horses, 12 of them for four years and 24 for three. Gref also judged this competition four years ago. “The quality has really improved, we’ve seen big-tired, long-striped horses with good jumping technique. We had fun!”

four years old

Nadam (by Viggo Darswell of Heureuse elite IBOP Sport spr of Dakar VDL) was the most convincing of the jury at the age of four. He scored 33.8 points in total with 9 for strength, 8.5 for technique and 8.8 for talent. With these points, Nadam also became the overall winner of the competition, mating the KWPN Lambrusco stallion.

foal every two years

What breeders will do with the award they won is still unknown. “We raise a foal every two years. Heureuse is now an Epster foal.” Nadam is the first pony bred by Mandy Deurloo and Hans Hoogstrate from Poortvliet. Mandy: “He jumped great! I ride it myself and I know it has a lot of quality. But Hans has always loved free jumping, which is why we participated in it. With Vigo d’Arsouilles, we wanted to improve Heureuse’s behavior, measure, and demeanor and we succeeded!” Heureuse runs under Mandy’s saddle at a level 1.30 meters. In the mare we meet several 1.35m and 1.40m wide jumpers, as well as 1.60m wide jumpers Didam 2 (by Cardento).

Nonblaster and Natrishta

Nonblaster (vs Viggo Darsoy of Blisther keur sport spr v. Farmer, Geert Moerings breeding, Roosendaal) received 30 jury points, including 8 for power. Nonblaster is the niece of the Grand Prix Faster. Dam Blister jumped at 1.30 metres, Granddam Esther is known as the bridging of three Grand Prix players.
With a score of 29.9 points, Natrishta took third place among the four-year-olds. She is the daughter of Hermantico of Atrichta s. Riverman, educator Joke Wisse, Ritthem.

Three years

The highest score among three-year-olds was for Ostuni (by Poker de Mariposa). He was bred and owned by Deborah Benchob of Seroskerke. He scored 33 points in total, with an 8.5 for style, strength, and eligibility.

cute and cheerful

Deborah: “The Ostuni started really hard and finished very well. In the middle he was a little upset and very nervous. He’s a big, strong horse with a lot of power. I believe in him a lot, I know he’s high quality, he’s highly technical. Plus Besides, he is gentle, sassy, ​​and not afraid of anything. The competition was fierce and there was a great participation of good horses. I sometimes raise a foal and then it is very cool when a beautiful horse comes out!”

Rich math font

The Ostuni comes from a rich kickstand sport line. The fox is a descendant of elite sports mare IBOP Huupie Donja (by Bernini), who caught the eye and champion CK Zeeland. This NMK mare got a 9 for the range at the time and ran IBOP well. Huupie Donja is now an athletic jumping horse, and she runs 1.40m under a Finnish rider. Huupie Donja’s daughter, Ka Donja (by Hotspot) is also an NMK mare, and her range was also positive at the time. Further in the mare line we see several horses that jumped 1.40 m.

32.8 points for Pomerol

With a score of 32.8, Pomerol (by Pomerol de Mosi of Champagne Z by Chellano Z, breeders Marleen de Bart, Heer Abtskerke, Henk van Dijk, Heinkenszand) came second at the age of three. The jury scored 8.6 for construction and 8.5 for technology. Dam Pomerol, mare Champagne Z, competed at the ISP level 1.45m with Marieke de Bart.

Ipsterday and Onslow

Stal de Visser from Woensdrecht was successful with Ipsterday Z (Ipsthar x Cento). In total, Ipsterday Z scored 32.7 points. 8.5 was scored for technical and construction. Fourth place went to Onslow E (by Matisse de Mariposa x Keur by Dakar). Onslow has been bred by and owned by Ruud and Dennis Evertse. With an 8.5 for build and 8.3 for technique, Onslow E earned a total of 32.5 points. In the clicker line, we meet three Grand Prix players.

extra charge

The title of “best groomed horse” went to Odette (by Cantona TN) who was ridden by Babette Heusteiger of Yersky. The Odet was completely covered in gloss, the bridle was polished and completed perfectly by the white string coverings. Deserved winner.

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Source: KWPN

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