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Skin care is also very important for babies and children, before and after sunbathing. We all know that. Children have thinner and more fragile skin than adults. So it’s best to put a layer of sunscreen for kids every half hour, and don’t be frugal. Did you massage your baby well, but did the skin turn red after all? Fortunately, there are also good effects for your baby: it soothes bad spots.

After sun care

Have you noticed that your child has been burned? Then take it out of the sun right away. Then gently cool the skin with a wet towel or shower with lukewarm water. Gently pat the burned skin dry, and then apply some cool sunscreen.
This way, after an active day in the sun, your child can dive into his crib with a new feeling.

Enough after the sun, but which after the sun he is for your child And the most appropriate? We help you, and we list a number of children’s dependents.

Best 10 Days After Sun for Babies:

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Collistar Ultra Soothing for after sun treatment

You may already be using this wonderful Collistar item by yourself. But did you know that this ingredient is also perfect for your baby? The cream does not contain fragrances, dyes, alcohol or parabens and is therefore ideal for sensitive skin (for children). It has a double action that provides comfort and hydration to the burnt skin.

34 EUR

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Naïf Cooling Aftersun for kids

This next episode of Naif’s Kids definitely shouldn’t be missing from this list. Natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and vegetable glycerin, cool and moisturize your baby’s skin. Golden tip: keep after sunset in the fridge. This provides extra cooling that your child will surely love.

15.39 €

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Cremejo before and after the sun


Zwitsal before and after the sun

Which dimension of your child should not be missing from this list? Zwitsal’s, of course. Zwitsal Na ‘t Zonnetje Lotion is an aftercare that instantly soothes, moisturizes and cares for your baby’s skin. A greasy breeze and absorbs very quickly. With the familiar scent of course.


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Weleda Edelweis Aftersun for your baby

From small to large: This wallpaper is also suitable for the whole family. Soothe and cool your baby’s burnt skin in no time.

15.25 €

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Posture Tutti Frutti Aftersun

Sometimes, no matter how good the lubrication is, your little one’s skin will still burn. This Attitude Postcooling ensures that he won’t suffer from it while sleeping. The cream is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. Moreover, the formula consists of only natural products and the packaging can be recycled.


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Natural Loverock Aftersun for your baby


After-sun vision lotion

This Beyond Vision also cares for, moisturizes and repairs your baby’s skin. lubrication very easy, The lotion will not stick to your child’s sleepwear.

13.74 €

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Aussie gold moisture lock after sun

The Australian gold mint remains a hot favorite among many. It turns out that this intense after-sun attention is also very beneficial for your baby.

24.95 €

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Garnier Amber Solaire Aftersun Milk

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