The Lost Daughter Review | Maggie Gyllenhaal Turns Motherhood Upside Down

At the end of the year, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal will make her directorial debut the missing daughter to Netflix. A smart movie about motherhood and responsibilities. With the excellent Olivia Colman exploding into a Leda complex full of humanity and a thrilling story with discoveries little covered in the movie. the missing daughter It’s a high definition movie and its provocative message will stay with you for days. Read the movie review below the missing daughter by Rowan Andre.

Title: the missing daughter
Director: Maggie Gyllenhaal
spit: Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Buckley, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Mescal
Scenario: Maggie Gyllenhaal, after the book of the same name by Elena Ferrante
Type: psychological excitement
game time: 122 minutes
release: December 31, 2021

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lost daughter review

“Shall I raise your bed in the shade?” The beach assistant asks Lyda (Olivia Colman), who is dozing in the scorching sun on a nearly deserted beach. You look at him with a crooked face. “Come,” she said, then put her chair in the shade of an umbrella. When enjoying the tranquility of a idyllic beach, the hum of the engine can be heard from afar. Opposite her at sea you see a matte black motor boat full of people. Its peaceful oasis changes when the boat is moored and an American family with screaming children takes over the shore boisterously. The sore look on Lida’s face says it all, here she goes on her carefree vacation.

Linguist Leda Caruso takes a working holiday with a suitcase full of books to a Greek island where she works on a new paper. Alone, she enjoys the peace of her cottage and on the sunny beach. When this peace is disturbed, Leda does not show herself and set her limits. Or does she want to move out of her bed? “No, I’m fine here.” Will the concierge turn on the air conditioner? “No, I want fresh air.” Or when the same receptionist joins her in the restaurant, “Can I keep eating dinner?” Everything goes on its own terms. But meeting mother Nina (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter Elena brings back painful, unresolved memories for self-employed Lida.

Memories of Lida’s time as the mother of two young daughters, Bianca, five, and Martha, seven. In flashbacks scattered throughout the film, we see young Lida combining her work and studies with motherhood and a demanding relationship. And those worlds collide more than once. In frustration, she curses her children or breaks a window. To quote Lida, “I feel like I’m going to explode at any moment.” Olivia Colman once again delivers a brilliant acting performance. But Jesse Buckley’s portrayal of the younger version of the world also deserves a lot of recognition. Seamlessly, the two seem to be the same person with a twenty year difference in age. Not only on an external level, but in the way they talk, move, roll their eyes and how angry they are. You can’t get a needle between the two actresses’ work, that’s a top-notch acting.

the address the missing daughter It is suggested that a child goes missing and that the movie turns into a quest to find the girl. That’s right, but the missing daughter is found within minutes and doesn’t run away again later. This incident is a clever diversion of the film’s true protagonists: the atypical mothers. Gyllenhaal’s debut as a mysterious detective director doesn’t unfold at all. new, the missing daughter It is a personal study of women experiencing motherhood and the expectations and responsibilities that come with it. Ladies who have to choose for themselves. Although this may sound selfish, it is far from incomprehensible.

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Lida is not at all quite a likable movie character. She says not everyone is made for motherhood, and children can be an oppressive responsibility. Lida describes herself throughout the film as an “abnormal mother”. Her facade of indifference and independence makes Lida a complex character who continues to fascinate with her unpredictable demeanor. She finds recognition in her young mother, Nina, with her always-crying daughter. A confession she has hidden so far so she doesn’t have to face her life choices.

the missing daughter It is a unique film because the maternal instinct, taken for granted, is turned upside down. The script wins a lot by asking questions like “Isn’t my career actually more important than the responsibility of my children?” and “What if I sometimes wish my child were dead?”. These are unspoken thoughts the missing daughter Catapults to undiscovered places in the world of cinema. Maggie Gyllenhaal went through flying colors in her directorial debut. If this is a harbinger, she could become one of the most interesting filmmakers in the coming years.

Rowan Andre

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