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Jorit and I have known each other since elementary school. We didn’t hang out much at the time. When we were eighteen, we met again at Batavia Stadium and the spark really started. We both worked there at a different store and then started dating. When we moved in together, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a culinary website. So we could share with our moms what we were cooking every day. From day one we put something online every day. In the end this grew into something big. After I finished my studies, I started working full time at Lekker en Simpel. Jorit worked for a while after his studies, but eventually stopped working full time at our website.

work and cooking

Because we work together, it’s hard to separate work and private life. Sometimes we still talk about work in the evening on the couch. Also, our working relationship is often less like work, because we are partners. However, we love her very much. We don’t quarrel easily and we can say anything to each other.

Our days consist mainly of creating and tailoring recipes. Wednesday is our normal cooking day. Then we cook about six new recipes and photograph the end result. We work from home, and it can be difficult sometimes with the kids. Millie visits the babysitter twice a week. We chose this because we love that he sees the same face every time. Evi already goes to school, so she spends most of the day there. When Mielle is at home, I’m one of the most involved with him. Jorit and I make sure he has something fun to do every day. One of us takes him to the market, to the garden center or to get groceries. When Millie is asleep, we have our hands and we can start working.

We have an Instagram account with over 200,000 followers, but we consciously choose not to photograph our kids too often. I only photograph children if it makes them feel good. I don’t want them to be familiar with the camera. It’s not that Evie is too busy for the way she looks in the photo.


We have business together, so we bring money together. It’s a great deal that we do everything from. We have a joint account, but we also have separate accounts. Every month we transfer a certain amount to Jorit’s account. He pays fixed costs. We do outings with the kids from the joint account. From my account I pay groceries and individual bills. We can do our best financially. We spend money very easily. If we pay more attention to it, we will be shocked by what we have left.

Our income comes from advertisers, among other things. We also do many cooperation with different brands. Then we make recipes with a specific product, like a specific pasta sauce. Our cookbooks work well too. The money that comes in belongs to us together, because we have a business together. Independence is important to me, but I’m not consciously involved in it. If Jorit and I separate – which we do not expect – we will stop at our common company and go our own way.


I think it’s important that we both do something at home. My mother used to do everything at home and also took care of the children. I always resolved to do things differently later. So the tasks here are evenly distributed. I do the laundry, clean the bathroom, and change the beds. Every now and then I can complain a little: “You can wash clothes too,” I say. But these are just snapshots. We divided the tasks fairly. Gurit is always taking out the trash, brooms, cooks and mows the lawn. It’s also the most routine of technical chores, like replacing a light bulb. But if the wall needs to be painted, I do it, because that’s what I really enjoy.


People often think that our children are real gourmets, but nothing could be further from the truth. I find cooking for the family a real challenge. Evie doesn’t like a lot of things and likes to eat pancakes, french fries, and pasta. Fortunately, things are getting a little better now, because we can send her more now. However, we often end up putting potatoes, vegetables, and meat on our plates. boring huh!?

I don’t force our kids to eat something they don’t like, because I think that’s pathetic. In the past, my parents would always force me to empty my class. Even if I don’t like it. Now I love just about everything. Could it be because of my upbringing? I don’t know… one kid is a little trickier than the other. Jorit’s brother, for example, has only been eating sandwiches with grits for years. Now he eats everything, so I am convinced that everything will be fine.

It’s time for yourself

It’s still a challenge for most people: to work and live together. That’s why I think it’s so important to do things without each other. Love an evening alone on the couch with a good movie! I can also enjoy afternoon shopping with a friend. So my advice is to spend time without each other and take those moments for yourself.”

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