Severely neglected horses stuck in traffic jam in bus accident perform well: “They do nothing but eat hay” (internally)

It cannot be compared to the human suffering of the two dead and all seriously injured, but nearly two horses perished in the bus accident. Wendy Adriaens, known as The Ostrich Whisperer via social media like TikTok, swapped her animal rescue farm Koch’s Corner in Gooreind (Wuustwezel) at the beginning of this year for a more spacious farm on more than 1.3 hectares of land in Nieuwmoer.

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When she recently saw the story of two heavily neglected confidant horses on social media, her heart broke and she suggested giving the animals a golden stable for the rest of their days at the new shelter farm De Passiehoeve.

In the past week, many sympathizers have shown their solidarity and blankets, drawings, hay, fodder and money have been collected. Even care volunteers have already subscribed to the soft-bone horses. Jean-Marie Schramm of Nigeln suggested picking up the discarded animals for free on Sunday and bringing them to Calmthot. But an error occurred at E19.

“The knowledge of the horse is primarily due to the carrier Jean-Marie and his daughter Gayle who is still alive today,” says Wendy. “He was so weak that he lay in the trailer in heavy traffic. Using special belts, they were able to straighten it and let it nibble on some hay on the side of the highway. The mare was also unloaded from the trailer.”

Wendy launched a call on social media to someone with transportation to pick up horses. “Since everything was stuck, the idea was to walk to Mikerf on foot and take the animals there. No less than fifteen animal friends who had horse transportation at their disposal came forward after my call! Time was running out, the testicle was exhausted. As That my husband Stefan did not give up.”

“Finally, the Capelin fire brigade classified the situation as crisis transfer and they were given a safe demeanor to get through the bus. I am forever grateful to that fire brigade. When the eunuch got here he lay down and couldn’t stand up on his own. Our joy was great when he finally got up hard but hard. Independent. Today the eyes of the horses are more vigilant, I even saw them rolling.”

Lice and skin condition

Monday morning the vet came. “They have lice and are being checked for a skin condition. The farrier is coming tomorrow. The mare is 24, she’s 23. That’s a reasonable age, but due to gross neglect, she looks very poorly, not her age. When they were caught, they were at Final stages of death. They have scars from old wounds. With the mare you can see how her halter has grown. Our vet advised to give them hay at will and slowly build up some concentrate. In fact, they had done nothing but eat the hay. They already seemed less careless.” .

© Their skin is in bad shape

While waiting for the horses to recover adequately, Wendy temporarily does not take in other neglected animals. “We’ve only been living here since January and I already have over a hundred shelter animals,” she says. “The Turks from an apartment, neglected goats, even one of them was pregnant: I get everything. It is not by chance that every year 7,000 head of cattle are confiscated.”

Wendy’s animal rescue mission began 2.5 years ago when she rescued some ostrich chicks. In the meantime, she quit her job to focus on her rescues. De Passiehoeve can already count on his many care volunteers and regular visitors. These visits are free. All Wendy asks is that people bring fruit, vegetables, or feed for the animals.

Specifically for neglected horses, Cats & Dogs organizes a collection drive and there is a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for costs and veterinary feed. “I’m definitely not the only one with a big animal heart,” Wendy says. “Greg De Bruyne, for example, took care of good closures around De Passiehoeve. Stefan and I also want us to grow a lot of fruit picking, so that those who walk past can pick something up. De Passiehoeve is not only a social enterprise for animals, but also for people. For example, I read that families with a small budget or single parents hardly have any money left for trips with the kids. If our shelter animals can make the kids happy, I’m happy too.”

(Christine Mathisen)

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