Mercedes definitely lost its powder in the Verstappen family in 2021

Max Verstappen became part of the Red Bull Racing Junior Program in 2014. The driver was known as one of the greatest talents in motorsports and switched to motorsports at the age of 16. The step into Formula 1 was not long for the Dutch player, and in 2016, at the age of eighteen, there was a switch to the Red Bull first team. There was another contract ready for Verstappen in 2014 and that one still haunted the Red Bull driver’s mind until recently.

So in 2014, Verstappen chose the Austrian racing stable. The deal between the two parties wasn’t clear at first, but the Red Bull story proved compelling enough. The driver received a guarantee from the four-time constructors’ champion that he could quickly enter Formula 1. Red Bull kept that promise. Verstappen made his debut for Toro Rosso’s brother team at the 2015 Australia Grand Prix. Less than a year and a half later, there was opportunity in the great Red Bull. In Barcelona, ​​the driver immediately took his first victory and the rest, as is often said, is history.

Verstappen is currently completely in place at Red Bull. After winning his first world title, he asked the driver over the onboard radio if the team wanted to work with him for another ten to fifteen years. But it certainly could have turned out differently for the singles world champion. In 2014, the top Mercedes team also showed interest in the services of the Limburger. Under the guidance of father Jos Verstappen and manager Raymond Vermeulen, the choice fell on Red Bull. However, Verstappen Senior has maintained contact with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff for a long time, and it has often been pointed out in the media that the German racing stable is still eyeing Verstappen’s driving skills. However, it doesn’t look like Mercedes should try a new magic attack against the 24-year-old.

Verstappen Contract Expiry

In 2017, Verstappen signed a new contract with Red Bull during the season. The contract was due to expire after the 2019 season. In addition, there was reportedly a clause allowing Verstappen to leave on the right terms. This item was known to top Mercedes and Ferrari teams. to me London Evening Standard The driver can sign a contract with one of the teams and receive a salary of twenty million euros annually. The rumors of a switch to Mercedes have been the most persistent. Flavio Vannetti, the Italian sports journalist, was convinced that Verstappen had already signed a pre-contract with the German squad for 2021 in 2019.

By selecting the syllable “Yes / No” or “True / False” in Ziggo Sports The rumors persisted. In 2017, Jos Verstappen and Wolff were subjected to a number of statements by Olav Mol and Jack Plooij. Verstappen Sr. reacted positively to a statement about the potential driver duo that Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will form. Wolf made her even hotter. “Max Verstappen will be a Mercedes driver in the future,” said Pleug. After some doubt, but with a smile on his face, the Austrian said, “Yes.” Two years later, the Mercedes team boss revealed that he was in frequent contact with the Red Bull driver’s father. Wolf laughed at it and said that Gus and himself were building a karting team for their kids.

At the time, Niki Lauda was still a consultant at the German racing stable. The three-time world champion clearly liked Verstappen. The Austrian said several times that the Dutchman charmed him. Lauda said after the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix: “Max is a very special driver. It’s unbelievable that he won this race. He did everything really right. He is the talent of the century. Lauda has made no secret of Mercedes’ interest in young Verstappen.” closely at Mercedes.

The turning point for Verstappen

Verstappen signed a new contract with Red Bull in 2019 until 2023. At the moment, it also seems certain that the driver wants a longer contract with his current employer after he managed to earn the world title. However, team boss Christian Horner left early in the season that he believed Verstappen was still on the list with the contender. “If Lewis decides to retire, I’m sure Max will be at the top of the list,” the Briton said in February.† “There are no guarantees for 2022, because we will all start with a clean slate,” Horner said.

Verstappen’s comments about the onboard radio after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix would not be a lie. The driver believes in the plan devised by Red Bull. In addition, the relationship with Mercedes is very weak. Silverstone was not only a turning point in the battle with Hamilton, but also in the good relationship with the German racing stable. Verstappen’s crash on the first lap of the race in Great Britain is still on the minds of many Formula 1 fans. What both Gus and Max Verstappen will never forget is the way the seven-time world champion celebrated in the Mercedes garage after the race.

Verstappen had to endure the impact of 51G. As a precaution, the Red Bull driver had to go to the hospital. There the Dutchman saw his title rival running around Silverstone holding the Great Britain flag, after winning the race. An error has occurred in Verstappens. “I saw the cheers from the hospital and thought it was humiliating. But we will continue,” the driver wrote on Instagram. “As a father, I don’t like it,” Verstappen Sr. said in an interview with David Coulthard. “You drive someone to the hospital, and they celebrate like crazy. It was hard for me to process that.

Hamilton Wolff showed true colors to Verstappen

This year Jos Verstappen indicated that there were talks between the Verstappen camp and Mercedes. “There were conversations with Toto Wolff and I also thought we were on good terms with him, but the real Toto has shown himself recently. The former driver admitted “there is no click anymore.” He was also not happy with the Mercedes team boss’s behavior over the weekend at the Grand Prix at Brazil.” Toto is a wolf is a sheep’s clothing. Mercedes continues to blame others and appears to be the FIA’s favorite child.

A potential collaboration between Verstappen and the eight-time constructors’ champion seems out of the question. Several parties acknowledged that both the team and the driver were interested in cooperating. The relationship soured in one fell swoop, after Verstappen’s blow to Silverstone and the “exaggerated” cheers from the Mercedes team after the Grand Prix. This showed Hamilton and Wolff their “true natures”, much to the dismay of the Verstappens family.

Verstappen chose Red Bull in 2014, so there is a reasonable chance he will continue to prefer a contract with his current employer over those of other teams for the next 10 to 15 years. Until recently, Mercedes had a good chance to one day take the talented driver under his wing. Interest in Verstappen arose in 2014, conversations have been in place and the relationship has been well maintained through the personal line between Verstappen Senior and Wolff. In less than half a year, the relationship collapsed like a house of cards. One weekend at the Grand Prix, the Mercedes team smashed its own windows. For the remainder of the season, Wolff only managed to frustrate the Verstappen family, leading to Jos Verstappen’s outburst. The Mercedes name will be scrawled with a pen at Verstappen’s house.

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