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Merijn Everaarts, Dopper Foundation, starts a catering academy. The subscriber can register immediately for the training which will start in February. With the help of sponsors, participant costs are kept low so that training remains affordable. “There is a lack of basic knowledge regarding vegetarian cuisine.”

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December 15 2021

Merij Everaarts: “The Mama Gaia Academy is also a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to increase the knowledge of their employees.” Photo: Jordi Slots

Looking ahead and making long-term plans

The restaurant, called Mama Gaia, which is open to all, does not think of three-week periods as the government does. This is disastrous for healthy business operations. Everaarts says, “We’re realistic. We’re looking forward and making plans for the long-term. In response to the massive staff shortage and because the world is changing to vegan, Mama Gaia feels a responsibility to play a role here. To play in it.”

Mama Jaya Academy is for people who are beginners in the hospitality industry. It is a short, six-week online academy. In short videos of no more than five minutes, the participant can absorb the information whenever he wants. “We also have four special live sessions in which fresh packets from a well-known online vegetable supermarket are delivered to your home. Moreover, we will work with a unique method of personal training, which does not yet exist in online catering courses. Also, the guests in the restaurant They deserve all the attention, we do it for the participants.”

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Pay attention to making really good mocktails

In addition to basic skills such as cutting a carrot and opening a bottle of wine, there is a lot of attention to everything related to vegetarian cuisine. Top celebrity chefs who have already mastered vegetarian cuisine will share their knowledge and Mama Gaia Academy will also pay close attention to the source of the products and how they process the vegetables. It is also inspiring to reduce alcohol consumption, there is an interest in tea pairing; Combine the flavors of tea and vegetarian dishes. Making really good mocktails will also get attention.

Everaarts started the plant-based Mama Gaia restaurant during the previous shutdown. According to the founder, it is time to provide his people with healthy food that, like Dopper, contributes to a better world.

Mama Jaya Restaurant in Harlem. Photo: Daniel Maysan

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“Mama Gaia Academy is also a great option for entrepreneurs who want to increase the knowledge of their employees,” says Everaarts. The participant gains knowledge from the kitchen and in the service. We think that’s the basis. We call it knowledge in ‘service’. When approaching people who are new to the hospitality industry, you can assume that they are people who want to work, but do not yet know exactly where their passion lies. They can learn that at Mama Gaya Academy.”

Everaarts is looking for sponsors for the first 50 entrants

In these times, there is a great need to train new people and that is why the Mama Gaia Academy is looking for sponsors for the first fifty participants for €1,500 per participant. The six-week course can be pursued within three months of February 2022. The participant pays €9.99 per month. “We are deliberately keeping this amount as low as possible to reach as many people as possible. For the same reason, the training is in English and anyone from all over the world can participate.”

About Mama Jaya

Mama Jaya is a vegetarian restaurant. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner here and the dishes are inspired by the flavors of Mother Nature. Mama Gaia is open daily for lunch and drinks and will soon also be serving Christmas brunch. You can also order fast food. In December, a special Christmas fast food menu is available and can be ordered via the website. Despite the tough times in the food industry, Mama Gaia wants to do something for someone else. This is why the whole month of December is everything 1 for 1† For each order, the restaurant donates a meal to charity.

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