Did Elon Musk enter two towers?

Did Elon Musk enter two towers?  Berlin Germany

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How do I login? This is the question that awaits all the newcomers to the legendary Berlin club Bergain Install itself. Among that tense and tense mob was an unlikely number last week: Elon Musk, the world’s richest man. But was the Tesla founder and father to the Grimes children left out at the door, or did he not want to enter himself, as he claimed on social media?

Musk that recently 9.2 percent of Twitter shares He thus became the company’s largest shareholder, and was clearly enjoying his time in the German capital. to me times and other magazines, during his visit, “immersed himself in the famous club scene in Berlin.” This is how it was monitored in KitKatClubthe city’s most famous tech sex club, as well as the Sisyphos maze club, where he was said to have been wearing a Zorro mask.

Everything is nice and cute, but the question remains: What about him and Bergen?

‘Peace’ is written on the Berghain wall! Musk tweeted at 3:51 a.m. Saturday night. After about three hours I got deep into the matter† “Peace. Peace? Quote from the word ” Romeo and Julietand then added: “Those who care about peace (including myself aspiring) need not hear it. And who does not care about peace? We will…”

Judging by these tweets, we can conclude that Musk has at least seen the outside of Bergain. The peace sign is a relatively new addition to the building, which can also be seen in the image below Instagram post By French DJ Miss Kittin, who played at Panorama Bar in Berghain last weekend.

The peace sign is one of the first things you see as you approach the entrance to the imposing concrete building. The letters on the board are about the size of the windows upstairs. Did the banner cause Musk to get angry, causing him to get kicked out of the line? Or is it, as the Internet says, forecastjust refused at the door?

Berghain refused to respond to our inquiries. The club has a strict policy: what happens in Berghain stays in Berghain – which makes sense to some extent, if you know what happens in a darkroom. Fortunately, there were spectators in line.

Philip Sandstrom Beijer, founder of the magazine cheerful, he was also with Bergen on the same night as Musk, but he did not see him. “It’s always hard to know who’s coming and who won’t,” he says. “It depends on the gut feeling the staff has with you. Our advice to Elon is not to come with a large group of people and not worry too much about stories about strict dress codes. Just be yourself, Elon, and you’ll see if the boys and girls at the door let you in.” .

Beijer says there was “nothing special” about how many people were rejected that night, but called out on reddit – who had to wait an hour and three-quarters of an hour to get in – says the bounce rate at the door was “too high”. If Musk really tried to get in at the time he sent his tweet, he did it at the worst possible time for someone who doesn’t get there regularly.

In Berghain, you can wait for hours during peak times. This is impressive, according to Expected weather The temperature in Berlin that night dropped to minus three degrees Celsius. Does a man with a net worth of 263 billion dollars (about 239 billion euros) like waiting in the cold? Does anyone like it at all? Musk could have easily forgiven him if he looked at the queue and immediately turned around. This happens to all of us sometimes.

But on reddit A person by the name of KaspersLunita said that Musk was actually at the front of the waiting list – only to be turned away. “Today Musk has been rejected at the door of Bergen!” When someone else wanted confirmation, the answer was “I saw it.” And in a DM to VICE, KaspersLunita told VICE that Musk was rejected by none other than Sven Marquardt himself, the majestic, tattooed head of Berghain’s guards.

Musk recently built one of his ‘giant factories’ here in Berlin. In doing so, he acted with extreme arrogance and ignorance of the environment, nature, and the needs of the inhabitants of this city.” “Arrogance and ignorance are traits that Berliners, including Sven, cannot tolerate.”

Musk opened at the end of March The first Tesla factory in EuropeJust a few kilometers from the German capital. There he was seen dancing next to the first German-made cars to roll off the production line. environmentalists Withstands For a long time against factory building Indicating potential impacts on water supplies and local flora and fauna.

Musk will not be the first to be denied entry to Berghain, where the entry policy is so legendary that it… simulation And sarcastic card games inspired. Most visitors are judged simply on appearance and style. As Markidat said in interview in GQ: “The club came out of the gay scene in Berlin in the 1990s. For me it is important that we preserve some of that heritage, and that the club still feels like a welcoming place for the original type of visitors.”

So, does the richest man in the world have a good vibe? This is doubtful. Considering his choice of casual clothes on Instagram, he prefers plain T-shirts, baggy jeans and Expensive sports shoes (See: The Yeezy 500 high plates he wore while chilling with Ye.) Now look at this Pictures Of cranes rolling by Berghain: even the most casual walk in leather coat and blue hair. I’m just saying, things didn’t look great for Mask. What if he was wearing his Zorro mask? Then maybe worse.

When Musk attended the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990s, he and some of his friends ran… illegal nightclub from the students’ home. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to really enjoy his club aspects. His former roommate Adeo Risi described him as “the straightest guy ever. He never drank. Never did anything. Zero. Literally nothing.”

“There were nights when I wondered where Elon was? Then I would go to his room and knock on the door and he would just sit there playing games,” says Reese in the biography Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Search for a Great Future

Looks like Musk this time won’t go to Notorious Sven Marquadt vibe . Test Passed. Fortunately he is not the only one. He joins a notable group of rejected fellows who try their luck at the door only to get their noses blown hard, including Felix da HoskatConan O’Brien And every English hen party ever. Best weekend coming up, guys.

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