1st Anniversary Magazine “Women Now” by Elaine Naotta

Several members of Markelose Women of Nu department accepted the invitation this afternoon to celebrate the 75th anniversary at Dieka. This resulted in a full house where the women in attendance enjoyed an intense program presented by Ricky Van Queverden. And the memorial date had to be postponed this afternoon twice due to the procedures surrounding Corona. The association is now 76 years old. Anniversary Journal is designed to celebrate this special anniversary. Hermine Templeman presented the first copy to Mayor Elaine Nauta this afternoon, who in turn congratulated the department on this special anniversary. Hendrika Nijenhuis recited a comprehensive poem dedicated to the 75-year-old women of No Marcello. The dutch singers signed to the musical accompaniment for this special day this afternoon. At first he was a little wary, but as Schlager’s first hits were used, the audience sang sweetly.

The Markelose department in De Vrouwen van Nu is part of the largest women’s association in the Netherlands with 450 departments spread over 11 provinces. In Overijssel County, Markelose’s 175-member constituency is one of the largest. Women Nu is an association of women, farmers or not. According to the current board of directors, “When in the past it was all about learning with and from each other and inspiring each other, it is especially important now to meet each other in a fun way.”

Within the Women’s Union there are different interest groups. We can say something for everyone because the show is big. Within the department there is a choir, craft, drama, gym, bike, garden, walk, folk dance ensemble, and reading circuit.

Hendrika Nijenhuis-Herards poem:

To celebrate the anniversary
Here together at Markelo, celebrate together
Taking a short look back, before
Where many have been prepared by countless councils
The tasks are well divided into committees
And I always played in the new times
Because a lot has changed, thinking and working
So we would like to think about that time

Nine hundred and forty-six the war just ended
Cooperation in the reconstruction of society
Many developments are also in rural areas
So a lot has been done in Markelo too
But the women’s initiative was still unusual
People were still old-fashioned, with a consistent pattern
It was Elsky Wanrui who took the lead
This is how our department came about
The beginning was difficult, but the women persevered
He heard people in villages and hamlets.

Relaxation and development pleasantly go hand in hand
A strong bond has been developed in countless councils
The mission of programming well together every year
and respond to areas of interest
Talk to contact women in every neighborhood
Consultations took place and sometimes adjustments were made
We have paid close attention to the currents and target groups
Several committees were hired for this
The department has flourished and flourished
This was followed by years of explosive growth

So many women, so many phrases in the flow of time
This also makes gratitude in remembrance
For hard workers who work with a lot of energy
He leads it and always ensures good harmony
There are so many memories…because in the old days
Was it … economy and diligence?
This is how one of the courses still had to be learned back then
How to make your own mattress with kapok.

The course width has grown and adapted continuously
Much knowledge has been gained through information
Political Education Public Speaking
Interest in culture and art celebrate Christmas together
All these years we were connected as women
Joys and sorrows shared and made friends

The difference is getting smaller between urban and rural areas
A new name has been created for our association
Women now do justice to the new era
Equal and ready for our future

We girls have since… grown up in our time
Without the internet we are wiser and well educated
How the future will transform constantly fascinates us
How are you going with girls now
Educational entertainment reaches them easily
With their phone calls in the back pocket!
Multimedia time known to many
He is a major competitor for many clubs!

The corona period was difficult for many
Sometimes confinement even feeling lonely and losing each other
At that time, desire soon arose among many
For meeting and communication only from people to people
That still stands, our union will be ready again later
Focus on high quality viewing

As a division of Markelose, we have always been strong
Back to work after this anniversary
If women have been attached to each other all these years
Three quarters of a century later, now together we’re on our way to 100 years!

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