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PropertyKate, 39, and Prince William, 39, are regularly at the school gates to pick up their children, George, Charlotte and Louis. The Duchess of Cambridge, like Princess Diana, is known for being a practical royal mother. As her duties as a Duchess grows as the Queen devolves more and more responsibilities to the older working members of the royal family, Kate is ensuring that raising her three children remains a priority.

“Kate runs everything in the house with the kids and their schedules,” a friend recently said. “She is deeply involved in every part of their day.” The royal mother has been very open about life in the Cambridge home to her friends and family, and insiders have now shared some of her secrets with a happy family.

1. Encourage children to play outside

Kate is the public face in the fight to promote parks where children can actively play outside. She also takes this role very seriously at home, as she allows her children to play outside in all kinds of weather: “It makes a huge difference,” she herself told the BBC. Kate also shared her favorite moments with her family on last year’s podcast: “It’s Outside When We’re All Dirty and Dirty.”

2. Make time for family fun

The couple often take their children on cycling tours and excursions to the Norfolk beaches near their country getaway. “The kids are so fun they can really let loose there,” says Scout Leader Eddie O’Rourke.

Kate and Prince William shared a glimpse into their family life with their children in a video released on their 10th wedding anniversary in April. The footage, taken by Will Ware, was filmed in the fall of 2020 in Norfolk. On the beach, the family can be seen climbing sand dunes, climbing trees, and roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

3. Be a ‘current parent’

Friends say that the couple likes to roll up their sleeves in everyday family life. In the morning, when the kids argue about songs to play for breakfast, and when they pick up from school: “Kate likes to live a normal life,” one source added.

After the kids went to bed, Kate and Prince William ended their day in a relative fashion: “William regularly brings Kate gin and tonic,” a family friend told People. “They take good care of each other, in different ways.”

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