These couples met (temporarily) in 2021

Love is so strong that even breaking up for years won’t stop you from giving your relationship a second or third chance: The following stars can talk about it, because they’re out again in 2021. Not all of them are equally successful, but Holly and Hollywood are enjoying it.

Glenys Grace and Levi Simon

About a year and a half after Glenys Grace and boyfriend Levi put an end to their relationship, the singer is celibate again. In March 2021, the two rekindled their engagement. In the end, it was Ali B who confirmed the break in front of the camera through his new boyfriend Holland sound-College

Glennis and Levi have had a group since 2017. The singer previously told RTL Boulevard that the Corona crisis made their relationship ‘stronger than ever’.

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Marco and Leontine Borsato

A shock occurs in the world of Showbiz Land when Marco and Leonten end their marriage of more than twenty years in 2020. A slip by Marco destroys their relationship. Well, the intimacy void doesn’t help either. A therapist in Borsatootjes can explain all about this.

Boxes are packed, new homes are being bought – and then Marco and Ten suddenly discover that there is no such thing as a goodbye. After the tune of “Dreams Are Tricks” and “I Don’t Live For You Anymore,” suddenly “I Don’t Have to Go Home Tonight” over the speakers.

Not by co-spokespersons, by the way: Marco and Leontine have found their form again, but are tackling it at their own pace.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The award for the best returning couple ever goes to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. They were once in love, betrothed, and almost married. However, a few days before their wedding in 2003, the couple postponed the wedding and then ended their relationship in January 2004.

fast forward Until February 2020: Ben said nice things about Jen in an interview. Exactly a year later, he emailed the singer with love letters. Not long after, Jennifer and Alex Rodriguez ended their relationship, paving the way for Ben.

Ben takes Jane to Montana, Miami, and Venice. No one can ignore it: Bennifer is back and secretly hoping the couple will get engaged again, until they do this time. ‘I do’ can tell each other.

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Being cheated on with so many women, including your sister’s best friend… Anyone who hoped Khloe Kardashian wouldn’t hit the same rock twice was as frustrating as the reality star herself.

Before daughter True was born in April 2018, news broke that Tristan Thompson was getting out of the wrong bed with his leg and in 2019 he was seen kissing Jordyn Woods, famous ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner.

From there it gets more complicated. The Keeping up with the Kardashians-The star initially gives their relationship another chance because of her newborn daughter, but once she cheats…

After the blinker jumped from red to green and back to red for five years, Khloe had enough by June 2021. She feels “very cheated” to continue the relationship after persistent rumors of cheating on Tristan. That’s why he no longer enters. Figuratively speaking, because they’ll be spending the holidays together this year, so True can be with both parents.

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Jimmy Weiss and Lil Klein

It’s been a turbulent year for Jimmy Weiss and Lil Klein. The pair were already champions of unfollowing each other on Instagram, but back in April it really seemed so wrong between the two. After an alleged assault, Jurek was captured, after which he spent two nights in a Spanish cell. Then Jamie and Lil temporarily separated.

The two have left this turbulent period behind and are looking forward to the new year with good courage. “I wish for more positivity and freedom next year. I hope we can all find our place again, even if in small steps. (…) And if I can dream of myself personally, I basically dream of having a beautiful home again for my family and with my family. And I can Totally enjoying it again!” Jimmy said recently my world.

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