“The thing is, Evert never said anything, or else you’d think he was speechless.”

Episode 8

“They don’t ring a bell, do they,” was a phrase I heard often in my youth. In other words, if you want a relationship, you have to do something for it. Unless you live in Drenthe and your brother participates in it A farmer looking for a wife…but first to Gelderland, where love really is.

robLinelle Deunk Statue (KRO-NCRV)

Rob (52), fruit grower

In Gelderland there was a new stage. The teacher attached Cherry Farms talked about developments and feelings, teases and stimulate. In short, the signals had to be transmitted.

Rob learned how to do this from a nature documentary. Sprinkle courtingWendy with hay, then flea in abundance. Meanwhile, the little man looked at Monkey Rock to see if Son saw everything correctly (Could David Attenborough please voice to make?). The curly head saw it well, but this “strong and self-confident woman” (just ask the horse Edorette) isn’t easily jealous. It’s actually exactly the same as with her company gifts: then the profit margin is a little lower, but then you also have a nice farmer. But whether with this attitude at the end country road a Homepage Waiting for the cherry farms…

Janine Bild Linnell Diank (KRO-NCRV)

JanineLinelle Deunk Statue (KRO-NCRV)

Janine (31 years), sheep breeder

If it takes a horror movie to feel a little suspenseful, you know that sparks don’t exactly fly in the country of Limburg. With her two remaining chattes, she set out for the hills to demolish and erect fences all day long.

It was almost symbolic: the farmer’s wife tries to open her heart, but every time she opens the gate, uncertainty begins. Because she wants a sheep tamed in Christian’s form, who follows her in everything she does, sometimes making a “joke”? Or is she more fascinated by the hardworking sheep Sander, who doesn’t want to get in the way of his shepherd and stay away from the flock as a result? It’s beer time!

Linelle Deunk Jockey Statue (KRO-NCRV)

jockLinelle Deunk Statue (KRO-NCRV)

Jock (31), dairy farmer

Carlene went to work and Lotte took her permanent place at the table. The housewife who would wait for her was looking forward to spending a whole morning alone with her cow farm, but he slept all day and then brought the coffee she made to Carlin. And when the brunette was finally alone with the Frisian Frisian, there was anything but a romantic job waiting: separating a calf from his mother. Obviously, it was tough for animal lovers, but Lotte likes to stick with her motto: Don’t ask too much, just watch and enjoy. But whether it reaches Karlijn …

The Frisian cries that they’re both decent, but the blonde Husky is on her way to winning over the farmer’s (and his parents’) heart. And Carlene herself? He’s hoping there’s a piece of his dad behind Jock’s hard exterior.

Statue of farmer Hans KRO-NCRV

farmer hansKRO-NCRV .’s photo

Hans (69), horse breeder

Annette got translations from her neighbor Denny, because she’s not a horse girl (I get that, see bio at bottom of page). Denny feels like a fish in water in the department, which made her feel homesick for what no longer exists. In short: Everyone had their own little things to deal with, but the truth was that Brabander was well aware of last week’s intervention, because during training there was never a bad word towards the horse or the woman.

Annette saw that the sun was spontaneously rising again which made her so happy that it made her laugh. Hans thought it was funny, but his neighbor Denny didn’t understand what was going on. On paper, blonde is best suited and the farmer knows that, too. But he also knows that love, like faith, is not a science. It is a flame that must continue to burn.

Evert Beeld Linelle Deunk (KRO-NCRV)

EvertLinelle Deunk Statue (KRO-NCRV)

Everett (58), dairy farmer

Yvon evaluated her: Nans couldn’t understand the farmer, she wanted Maud Evert’s swing more in her area and emotional Cora knew it was a corny, but she didn’t draw it with these two other women around her. Everett? He thought she was “nice” and “nice”. Wasn’t that what Ons Yvon wanted to hear?

But hey, if you really want to use your magic, three are so much that someone has to go home. With Coor, the farmer did not feel it (“But the food was nice”), but the blonde did not allow herself to eat cheese from the bread. She came for love and she got it too!!! “Then I’ll go a little further,” I decided. There was nervous laughter. This was a joke, wasn’t it? But Coor firmly grabbed her heart’s pajamas, wrapped two pieces of apple pie in aluminum foil and headed to b(r)oer Koop with amazed Ons Yvon. Evert never said anything, otherwise you would have thought he was speechless.

Elselien van Dieren (31) forces her friend Farmer to find a wife to watch. Posters of horses were hanging in her room, but she firmly removed them when a foal bit her.

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