Relatively strong: Couples therapy in a family atmosphere

By Marco Jansen – Ermelo’s Kim Guliker (42) loves calling. In addition to her private practice as a psychiatrist, she also started Relational Power nearly a year and a half ago. , my clients say: You dare and push us in the right direction. You make us think. You are very clear and radiate with strength. Hence the relatively powerful name.

Kim has wanted to be a relationship therapist for a long time

“I have always been a link that people love to go into. But I first wanted to gain more life experience before I started training as a relationship therapist. I am now also an EFT therapist. Emotional therapy focuses on the feelings and basic needs of you and your partner. This way you will learn how to better understand the feelings of your partner. and each other’s fears This will slowly make each other accessible again An important part of couples therapy through wire transfer is examining and breaking each other’s (negative) interaction patterns You learn to seek support and understanding from each other and from here to create a solid foundation on which you can moving forward together.”

Since the beginning of this year, Kim has had her own training space on the ground floor of the Green Offices, multi-corporate building on Goede Reede 1. The space is light, yet enclosed, so you can be assured of privacy. She furnished it as a comfortable living room. “In January, I got a lot of requests, people wanted to make a fresh start in their relationship.”

In the time of Corona, I have noticed that there is a huge demand for relationship therapy. I uploaded the APK of a private relationship on Christmas Eve, after which 22 couples texted me. I chose a couple and started therapy with them. They are separated by crowds and fall into patterns that they no longer know about each other. I enter into a conversation with them as I interpret their feelings. I see them really getting to know each other again.”

During an admissions interview, Kim and the couple check for a click. Remarkably, 80 percent of women are the ones who apply. , but as soon as the guy gets in, he quickly feels comfortable, is open and wants to go in. I notice that it looks familiar and so they once again introduce each other what their relationship should be. But due to the frenetic pace of family life and busy work, they often lose what they are together for. When I take them back to that beginning, they see that they have time for each other again with me. My clients say I make them think. They go to the garage for the MOT of their car, to the beautician for their looks and to the dentist for their teeth. But it can also be very helpful for a couple to reconsider their relationship with a relationship therapist.”

Kim meets with the couple every two weeks, or weekly if necessary. Sessions last fifteen minutes and the treatment averages eight to ten sessions. , I can feel the atmosphere how they are doing. I also give practical advice with a wink. Set the table, but do not eat together until the children are asleep on the bed. If kissing before going to work becomes a habit, take the time to do it, put your hand on your partner’s shoulder and feel the moment. It is not necessary to describe it in words.”

The couple has two weeks to answer the “why questions.” Why are you reacting like this? why are you angry? Try looking at each other again and really be there for each other. I often see that after four or five sessions, there is an improvement in communication. But I might also see that it’s better that we not be together anymore. Then I’ll be honest and say the solution is to break up for a while to try what it’s like. As a relationship therapist, I can also say it’s better to get a divorce, even though it hasn’t happened yet.”

Kim always gives one session as a gift after the treatment is over. Then I invite the couple after two months to see how it goes. This is my gift to them, to show that reviewing your relationship has been a worthwhile investment.”

Kim can be identified by her white Volkswagen Up car driving through Harderwijk, Ermelo and Putten. In addition to the APK relationship, she organizes the well-known family dinner from the TV in the green offices. Check out her website at www.

relatively strong
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Kim is relatively strong

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