Lil Klein and the trial on social media

Hot criminal cases. People can’t help but seem always curious about what’s happening on the sidelines, to the darker side of our society. So: sex, murder and blood sell well.

It is not surprising that journalists write about crime to the content of their heart. On the basis of these media reports, Jan and Almann then form their own “expert” opinion: whether Boris Buff is guilty or innocent, and what kind of punishment he deserves.

Therefore, when someone is accused of something, journalists, columnists and other opinion-holders voluntarily and collectively argue over each other. Thus they determine not only the style of discussion, but also what the judgment should be.

Trial by the mediaYou may have heard it before this year. Because before the judge makes a verdict, this is already happening openly on talk show tables and in the newspapers. Before you know it, the suspect has already been hanged and harbored by people, so to speak.

This flat folk entertainment has been around since the Middle Ages, but now also juice channels Become an indispensable part of our media landscape, the risk of spillover Trial via social media It also increases in size.

saw it blueberry The Netherlands last weekend took pictures of the alleged violence against Jimmy Weiss. Camera photos will show that Lil Klein’s girlfriend is being abused by him. The footage was shared in no time at Juice Yvonne Coldeweiger’s channel, where over 400,000 followers can watch it all in horror.

To be fair: I’ve also followed these types of channels; It’s great fun for a curious person. But after the honeymoon squeezer I feel a little dirty now. One voyeur Public condemnation and insult of the well-known and lesser known Dutch people. They also have a right to privacy, right?

We know that many celebrities have been captured by constant exposure to popular judgment. We were not last year collectively Angry and angry at the way the media and tabloids treated Britney Spears during her career meltdowns† Who is now sitting on the couch with popcorn, actually no better.

Trade risk, I hear your opinion. And yes, gossip media isn’t new, but the dynamics and scope of these gossip channels are really different. It used to be a few pesky paparazzi walking around in and out of the bushes like a predator. Not very fun, but okay. Their photos were depicted in papers that soon ended up at the hairdresser, where they got lost and then quickly faded into oblivion.

These days, all phone owners are potential detectives, ready to “expose” someone. Then let the toxic pigeon of social media do its job… And voila† if I’m a little old Interesting enough for a channel like this, I’d get instant agoraphobia and never go out again.

While tracking down citizens can be important in criminal cases, lynchings are not. Additionally, Lil Klein has not been tracked by The Juice Channel. The police may have already had the camera photos, and they were leaked. So Lil K. ran to the light anyway.

As a victim of alleged domestic violence, Jimmy Weiss is probably not happy that these photos are out on the street. She’s raining messages on all social media: she’s getting support, but everyone is also thinking something about her life, her choices, her family. This puts her under a lot of pressure to do everything or not do it. Not very nice for a woman in her position.

Also try to get credible witnesses to the abuse. All witness statements may have been colorized by footage that everyone saw. So Lil Klein could be the third smiling, because after that negative media attention, a watered-down sentence could follow.

Nor are non-criminal offenses such as adultery and bullying safe for juice channels. Yolanthe new lover? Jumping in, Romeo’s photo is shared and then messages flow in. He’s a player, a cheater, name it what you want† Armed with their phones, the Spy Army – also a kind of etiquette squad – is gathering sensitive clues about the Dutch celebrities involved.

Everyone loves a little gossip, but we must be careful not to end up in a medieval society. Now celebrities are victims, but soon you and I will also be watched by the army of spies we’ve created and kept to ourselves. Nobody wants that. We all have secrets, are not sacred and need a little privacy.

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