Lawrence’s eyes shine and my heart beats

“My dear, what a pity,” Rosetta calls on the other end of the line. “My generation and I are going to a breeder in Deiver this weekend and we’re staying there all night. Otherwise, I would definitely have wanted to come with you to The Hague.”

Another dog, yes? I ask amazed. I remember how hard it was for her at first with Lottie, her newborn. I think it’s a little blond cry, but Rosetta is crazy about it.

“Yes, I love a dachshund by a generation. It’s my birthday so we’ll get to know each other this weekend. Lovely right!”

I answered, “Sure.” “And just in time, with your birthday in August.”

“Honey, you know,” laughs Rosita. We shout. What a beautiful combination, rosetta and jelly. Full of Suriname’s moods, colors and dreams, it’s the calm and dry Friesian. More than twenty years later, he knows best who to put straws in her way. But the great thing is, if Gilly says no, Rosetta also knows right away that she’s serious and gives up. No no in Rosetta’s world is now, so that trip to that dachshund doesn’t surprise me.

That’s how she used to be in high school. She came to our school in her third year and on the first day she immediately brought a box full of homemade cookies. Smart, because she immediately bought all the already formed groups. She told me later that I was the first to smile at her when she entered class and that’s why she came and sat next to me. We became four hands on one stomach. We stayed together almost every weekend. I usually visit her by the way, because she was very kind to her mother and sisters. We went to Pinkpop together, stood in line for hours to get an autograph of Robert Smith treatmentfainted in love song They smoked chops with a group of Frenchmen on the beach in Normandy. The boys were going in circles around us as if they were on their own, for we had so much fun and didn’t hesitate to roll up our skirts. After the last test, we were studying Dutch (me) and pedagogy (Rosetta), booked a weekend in Amsterdam and danced at Roxy. what. One. Globalism. I’ve never seen men with little to no clothes, wearing dog face masks and women with mesh stockings wearing them up to the armpits. And they didn’t wear any more. There, in the hut of lavish sweat, we met three tall blond boys. The two of them spent the whole evening trying to make fun of us, fetch beer and give compliments, and the third looked around. That was a generation. At the end of the evening, Rosetta wrote her phone number on his shirt collar and it took him two weeks to call her. A ridiculous combination, these two are, but perhaps that is exactly the secret of their success. Both of them never wanted children, did not want to leave Lemmer for anything and especially wanted to be with him. Since then she is not only my best friend but also my best friend. During the time he divorced Pim, Jelle would regularly come with Rosita for the weekend doing odd jobs at the apartment, or babysitting Fae so we could go out together.

“I miss you dear,” I say and we agree to celebrate Easter together. I’m sure Fae loves it too.

“How do you feel that Fei is going to Bim this weekend? Do you dare?”

“Yes, yes, sure,” I answered, “I don’t expect any madness.” The thought of an empty weekend makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.

“You can always call me darling,” Rosetta says. As if she feels it. “Or arrange a nice date.”

Don’t say anything. Of course I’ve been thinking about Laurens for a long time, but that’s really a bridge too far.

“Just look at what’s in those apps, san. You don’t have to get married right away, do you? Just an evening chalaka tree And allow yourself to be completely loved by some male company. Now it’s your turn, my dear.”

Moments later I downloaded Tinder to my phone. But everything I have to fill is so frustrating that I get rid of it immediately. With a sigh, I put my phone in the corner of the sofa.


A night cup for you I read. Out of nowhere, Laurens sent me a song I don’t know yet, Bumpin by Till Brunner. Is this an exciting R&B record? I’m not interested in that at all. It turns out wrong, because Laurens sent me a sweet song with a deep trumpet sound and I actually crawl into bed with a slightly lighter heart.

Thanks! Sleep well I answer. I hesitate for a moment about potential emojis.

He sends a heart kiss and I left her.

It feels like November, when it rains and winds on this actual spring day. Fae wants to go to school by bus, but I just ride a bike. Movement always makes me feel better. Today crawling. Students are busy and hardly anyone has done their homework.

“Boys and girls and everyone in between,” Lorenz yelled over the last hour, “It won’t happen. Next Monday, I expect everyone to turn in their homework at 08.00, or else we’ll have to switch to a square table and believe me, you don’t really want that.”

The class laughs, nods and sighs.

Blondie raises her hand. What is a square grid?

“Be in school all week from 8:30 to 4:30. Compulsory,” Lawrence replies with the utmost precision. It is nice to see that the role of the teacher is becoming increasingly suitable for him. I must force myself not to touch his arm.

Together we walk to the bike shed, I with my bag and he puts a long plank under his arm.

“What are you going to do this weekend anyway?” Ask for an offer as much as possible. Lorenz looks at me in surprise. “Why do you want to know that?” I’m immediately sorry for my question and don’t know what to say.

“I’m just annoying you, Sana, you know me a little bit now, right?”

My relaxed smile never escapes him.

“I am Sunday BusyBut can we skate together on Saturday? Or do I cook for you? ”

Busy?I repeat. “You already have plans, you mean?”

“Are you suddenly going to be a teacher, Sana? You look good, don’t worry about it.”

She nodded, “Walk and eat.” “do you cook.”

“And pictures of spinning!” He laughs. His eyes sparkle and my heart beats.

You have a Saturday appointment! He texted Rosita a little later. You sent me two emojis of the Spanish dancer. Go girl! she writes. What is English for everyone?

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Sana (49 years old) attends a high school. She had doubts when power skater Lorenz offered to be her apprentice, but he captivated her with his charm and knowledge. Throughout the year, she let him get closer and closer and even come to her house. Then her 12-year-old daughter Faye suddenly disappeared.

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