Johnny De Moll Denies HLF8 Abuse, Viewers Can’t Believe It

“There have been better days for me,” so Johnny De Moll started his talk show yesterday HLF8† His ex-wife Shima Qais accuses him of assault and the details of her announcement were announced yesterday thanks to an article in HP / time† These details do not lie. But, as de Mol points out to his viewers, “nothing is real.” For viewers – and many others – this is not the case.

“I doubted for some time whether I should stand here, because a post appeared in which my ex-boyfriend accused me of hitting, kicking and strangling her,” de Mol says. He states that this “story” has been haunting him for a year or two and that it has been in a relationship for seven years. “That relationship wasn’t really all in tune and it didn’t deserve a beauty award. But in all honesty, with two fingers in the air: None of that is true. I didn’t do any of that and there’s definitely no abuse question.”

Johnny de Moll denies assault at HLF8

According to Johnny de Mol, responding to the accusations would only lead to a “mud battle”. He also says that it is very difficult not to respond, but it is the best option. “When it becomes an issue and it seems they will, I will defend myself in the place allotted for it,” he concluded. HLF8† “As far as I’m concerned: to the order of the day, to the sofa!” Then he shouted, followed by loud applause in the studio.

among my viewers HLF8 Who were “only” at home, the applause was less pronounced. Many are turning to social media to indicate that they don’t believe anything. But above all, there is the disbelief that it looks as if little de Mol is being held above his head. Think, for example, of Lil Kleine, Ali B and Marco Borsato: they were immediately condemned in the media. But the reaction to the possible violation by De Mol appears to be belated, according to viewers.

Jan Dijkgraf – with his famous remark from January – also picks up on the topic: “You must Show news Sit tonight and I want to be honest… “Many others share the same opinion, or express their disbelief at the fact that De Mol is denying it. But it must be said: social media and “ordinary” media are not the judges in this case. If This came down to a case, as de Mol himself said, the final verdict is up to the court.

Shima Qais reports on assault charges

Kais filed a complaint against her ex-husband in 2020. Shortly before that, Johnny De Mol and his father, John De Mol, had reported her for attempted threatening. In response, Case’s legal counsel filed a report against John and Johnny De Moll for making a false report. Her legal advisor confirmed yesterday after an article written by HP / time That Qais was heard last week by the Criminal Investigation Department after its report.

In an article by HP / time Includes case file. This file states that Casey sustained several bruises on her body. “Arguing with a friend with physical abuse,” the doctor concluded May 27, 2015, according to the magazine.

De Mol Jr is said to have hit and kicked Case, sat on top of her and pulled her hair. This happened in Tulum (Mexico), after they got into an argument over the notorious Johnny De Moll’s use of cocaine, according to the report. A screenshot is also included in the ad attachments, with De Mol apologizing.

An audio segment is also distributed, in which Johnny de Mol can be heard discussing with Case. He seems to confirm that he treated her “cruelly” anyway.

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