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cooking and eatingFormer presenter and cookbook writer Ellemieke Vermolen is focusing on parents with her new recipe book. Ellemieke has a passion for food and this is reflected in the cookbook that will be published tomorrow. She shares her experiences so other busy parents can put a nutritious meal on the table.

Did you grow up with healthy food, or did you teach yourself this?
“I learned most of it myself. At a certain point, my mother made a conscious decision to introduce healthy food, but that was only at a later age, not at a young age.”

Why do you think it is so important to do this for your children?
I really do this for my children, as a mother I want to give them the best nutrition. At this time, it is very important to introduce healthy food. Everything has been modified, everything is really insignificant. You hardly find any truly natural products anymore. When you become a mother, you want to give your child the best. So I decided not to use jars and the like, but to make everything new myself. ”

Is it difficult to get your kids to eat healthy food?
No, it’s just the mindset and the way you shop, you make choices. Then I go to my local farm a little more or opt for organic and healthy produce, so there are no packages. It may take a little longer to prepare a fresh meal than to prepare it, but your body will thank you for it in the end. Include your children in the story and tell them what you are going to make. Take them to the supermarket and let them pick the vegetables. Ask what kind of vegetables they want to eat and think about the rest for yourself. This works especially with young children, and that way it makes it a little easier, because then they pick those vegetables themselves.”

Can everyone pay healthy and organic?
“It’s really not that expensive, because you can make several meals and eat them for two days, or you can freeze them. You have to see if it’s necessary to buy organic. You don’t actually have to buy organically hard-skinned products, because you can simply wash them well. But It’s best to buy soft stuff, like broccoli, organic because it has more pesticides. You don’t really have to buy everything organic, but it’s important to know where something comes from. So go to the market, and get your produce there instead of in the supermarket. Sometimes I get my vegetables from the supermarket, but then I choose the organic variety as much as possible.”


The child needs at least ten times to accept the taste

Ellemieke Vermolen

You write that you have to work in small steps, how did you apply that to your family?
I started with Kabouter Plop which was green, it really took the kids into a story and this works great, they are totally absorbed in it. Now I don’t do that anymore, they know it contains spinach. Please include them in the story and keep showing it. The child needs at least ten times to accept the taste, so the first time they will all say that they do not like it. Combine it with the products they love. For example, I taught my kids to eat quinoa by adding tomatoes and cucumbers. I combined it with rice, so half rice and half quinoa mix well. Now they only eat quinoa and think it’s very tasty.”

Do you have examples of dishes that your children did not like before, but are now eating?
At first they did not like avocados, but now they prefer toast with avocado every day. They see me eating it, so they become curious about the taste. You are the greatest example to your child.”

Do your kids now prefer healthy meals, or do they prefer pizza or french fries?
“If you ask what they want to eat, they still say McDonald’s or Pizza and Chips, that’s it. They should be able to do that, let anything on the weekend and be healthy during the week. That’s the 80/20 rule, It works perfectly. Sometimes I make the pizza myself, but oftentimes we get it delicious. I’m not at all fussy with that.”

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