8 Famous Songs Girls Named Collectively

Do you owe one of these famous songs? Artists Nieuws list eight songs for you, which parents have named their daughters then in droves over the years.

Famous tracks with female names

No, not that song on the radio again! If you are named after a song, sometimes you don’t know how fast the radio will turn off when you turn it on for the thousandth time.

However, there is a reason why your parents gave you this name. Maybe they found you name number Great and give them a chance. Because let’s face it, is it really that bad to be named after one of these beautiful tunes?

Rolling Stones – Angie

Who is the mysterious Angie that Mick Jagger sings about? The song is rumored to be about the late David Bowie’s ex-wife, Angela. Other competitors include the daughters of Keith Richards, Angela Dandelion and actress Angie Dickinson.

Regardless of Angie, there are probably a lot of Angela out there who could dream of the song. Angela is still a common name. At the moment, there are about ten thousand Angela roaming the Netherlands.

‘The Rolling Stones’ He released the song in 1973. It can be found on the album’Goat’s Head Soup



Since the song was released in 1985, nearly three thousand Kayleigh songs have been added in the Netherlands. In 2015, the name was at number 292 out of a thousand in the list of the most popular girl names.

Marillion frontman wrote the song to say sorry to his ex Kay Lee. The track was taken from the album.Childhood is misplacedIt reached number 12 on the Top 40 in 1985 and can still be heard on Top 2000 Radio 2 every year.

If you want to hear the song live again, you can do so this fall during concerts by former Marillion singer Fish.


Police – Roxanne

Whether you should be honored to be named after this song, that is the question. In case you didn’t realize it when you heard the text ‘You don’t have to put a red light onRoxanneIt is about a man who falls in love with a prostitute.

Sting wrote the song in 1977 while living in Paris. The Briton saw two prostitutes hanging near his hotel. The name Roxanne comes from a character from the play Cyrano de Bergeraca poster hanging in the hotel where “the policeIn October 1977.

Although the track is from the first album “Outlandos Damour“Dating back to the late seventies, the name became very popular in the Netherlands only after 1985. And in 1990, the name reached its peak: two hundred and twenty girls were called Roxanne that year.

The Zotones / Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson-Valerie

the band ‘ZutonsThe original song was released in 2006. However, Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson were the ones fromValerieIt was a real success.

album coverReleaseVan Ronson was ranked #1 in the Top 40 in 2008.

Valery is still very popular as a name, taking the 34th place in the list of popular girl names in 2015. In 2008, at the time of the release of the song, one hundred and eleven parents named their daughter Valery.


Derek and Dominoes / Eric Clapton – Layla

This classic rock music fromDerek and DominoIt dates back to 1970. Front striker Eric Clapton did it again in 1992 with an acoustic version of the song, with which he was a huge hit.

The lyrics seem to be based on Eric’s love for Patty Boyd. Patty was the wife of former Beatle George Harrison, who was a close friend of Clapton. The famous songwriter drew his inspiration from an Arab love story, in which the desperate love of Laila drives the poet crazy.

The Arabic name is gaining increasing prominence in the Netherlands. In 2016, sixty girls in the Netherlands were named Leila.

Kaizer Chiefs – Ruby

“Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby!” If Your Name is Robbie, the Kaiser Chiefs sing Your Name not once, but twenty-four times in this song from 2007. The song can be found on the album Yours truly, angry mob‘, was the British band’s first No. 1 in their home country.

The band said they didn’t have a specific person in mind when writing the song. The authors said it could be about any ruby ​​you know. In this case, the song is about 52 newborns in 2016.

Plain white t – “Oh there Delilah

Who doesn’t know Plain White T’s sweet guitar song? A song that Tom Higginson wrote for his long-distance girlfriend was the band’s debut single in June 2007.

In America, the song reached number one on the charts. The song can be found in the album ‘Every second counts’

However, the chance that you will have this name is very slim. The name in Holland is not as common as in America. 11 girls were named in our country in 2016.

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

The name is not sung once in this song. That might make it less bad for women called Eris to listen to the song a lot. Because there’s a good chance you’ll still hear the song regularly. The romantic song was on Radio 2 top 2000 for years and was in the top 40 for 21 weeks in 1998.

John Resnick wrote the song specifically for the film’s soundtrack.city ​​of Angels† Ended bans on writer-singer and guitarist and also secured the band’s comeback.

If your name is Iris, you are not alone, in 2014 there were more than 23 thousand women walking around the Netherlands with that name.

Was it named after a song? Tell us your name!

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