The most pathetic kids in swimming lessons were the farm kids, they didn’t have swimming trunks | family

poleRoel Abraham is 50 years old but doesn’t want to know, he has six children and only one wife. Trabant leads, stutters through life and shares his experiences as the father of a large family here.

Swimming lesson. I still remember the huge hook, lifeguard, Lucifer, which was stuck under my neck when I almost drowned again. I still have grooves in my vertebrae. Smart, that’s how I keep my black adidas tracksuit dry. The better man always wore sunglasses and never smiled, so I didn’t get my diploma until I was eleven. It was a nightmare. With the ice remaining on the garage roofs, I was allowed to freeze to death and simultaneously drowned in the open air bathroom. At first, I had to cut a hole in the ice with other children to use the facilities, then the difficult children were pressed under the ice with a stick, while the savior laughed sarcastically.

The most pathetic are the children of the farm. They did not have swim trunks and had to take part in the show in their very large underwear. The contempt was theirs as the engorged cotton left the buttocks and began to circulate around the ankles. Do you remember the cork? I’ve never been able to wear them properly and so it happened sometimes that they left and the lifeguard had to drag me from the bottom of the pool again, cursing. Fortunately, times have changed.


The space was very small, so the most daring parents tried to knock you unconscious to watch Chantella or my prisons flopping.

The oldest of our three children took lessons in a rooftop pool. How luxurious! Parents all gathered in a dark swampy den with brown sofas – you call it a dressing room – stripping their little ones’ clothes. Then in a long procession to a huge aquarium where adults were not allowed in, but they could peek through the misty windows at their relatives groaning in terror. That was nice.

There was very little space, so the boldest of parents would try to knock you to the side or knock you unconscious watching Chantella or my prisons struggle. When the kids finished inhaling chlorine fumes, all the parents were sticky with sweat and very angry. Then go back to the darkened cabin to strip the kids from their wet swimsuits, hoping the shoes won’t get stolen. Tasty! When they finally got their degree, not only was she on the verge of bankruptcy, but I was also much happier than the child himself.

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The youngest of the three children is in a better position. Alternative chlorine free hot water pool for small groups. Baby 4 and 5 earned a swimming diploma in no time (it took three years), and now it’s the youngest’s turn. How scared he was. We deliberately didn’t tell him – after he’s been on a waiting list for 11 months – that it’s finally his turn. Only the same day, at the same time delivery of a brand new paw patrolSwimwear He was told that would happen. The poor monkey turned white. On my way to the pool, I had to make an emergency stop at a tree because he suddenly had to pee hard because of nerves. We finally arrived and I was able to put on my new swim trunks in a pretty deserted white changing room.

“You’re staying, aren’t you, Dad?” Sure sweetie, I’ll sit amongst the other parents(s) and take a good look. Comes all right. Here he is at the water’s edge, a tear on one cheek. The lifeguard was very kind and I saw the transformation happen slowly. No hassles with straps, corks or hooks, but step by step into the water. He loved it and even let him ride in an inflatable boat for a while. He was very proud after that hour and was already looking forward to the next time. and me? It should also be sticky with sweat.

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